Sunday, June 22, 2008

Typhoon Frank Lashes Metro Manila

I suddenly woke up yesterday dawn beacause of this loud and hurling sound of the trees due to strong wind. Typhoon Frank is already hitting metro manila! There's no rain yet at around 4:00am but the wind was really scary as if somebody's roof might be blow up again. Sam was still fast asleep at that time and didn't bothered by the noise caused by these strong wind. Power was still ok at that time but already cut-off at around 8:ooam. Heavy rain were already pouring before the sun slightly shines. Since there's no power available, there's no other way to know what's happening around. Typhoon Frank wrought heavy rains and strong winds surely caused heavy floods and still undetermined total damages in some part of the metro. But earlier news already claims some lives in the different provinces in the Philippines.

Since the power was cut-off and Sam was still sleeping, and there's nothing else to do yet, I just took the chance to get some photo ops. Above was a shot of the pouring rain from our backyard. I took a couple of shots to get a better picture. This was one of the best shot I've got. :p

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