Friday, June 13, 2008

My Little Mischief!

During the day, when I'm already done with my house chores, I make sure to play and bond with my little girl for a while before hitting my office desk formy online stuff like checking emails, blogging....etc. I let Sam to watch her favorite dvd movies to keep her occupied. For that day, she requested forthe Elmo's World dvd collection. While I'm in the pc, I ensure to take a peek and check her every once and a while to see if everything's ok with her. She's having a great time watching her favorite red puppet. I still can hardly hear her giggles and singing the elmo jingle. Then after a few minutes, I just noticed that there's a sudden silence, thinking that maybe she got exhausted from her non-stop dancing and singing. Can't help but to check on her. To my suprise, this was what I saw!

the crime scene

Oh noh!...She's playing with her baby powder!I didn't know how did she got it. She's having a great time spreading the powder into our goodness!...haha! Immediately grabbed my cam and caught her in action!!

caught on act!

She even tried to step on it. "Parang di pa nakuntento sa kamay!...haha". She's still not aware that I'm already at her back...

the suspect!!

Aha!.... she's really shocked to see me behind her. She was about to cry because she know that I'll be getting mad on her when she does something bad like this. But instead of getting mad on her, I just found myself laughing...haha! Her face is full of powder as well!...oh boy! She immediately said "sorry mommy!" with a sweet and irresistible smile..."paano ka ba naman magagalit nyan!!

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