Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tacsiyapo, Tarlac

On our journey going to Baguio. we took the chance to drop by at Isdaan Restaurant and Tacsiyapo Wall at Tarlac. The first thing that will surely steal your attention are the Mayan/Aztec-themed, and some giant fish sculptures outside the restaurant. This floating resto is located along the hi-way at Gerona, Tarlac. There are giant fish too hanging from fishing-rods.

Upon entering the restaurant, you’ll find floating bahay kubos for dining. There’s a lot to see around the place. There are some giant urinating/spitting monkeys. It’s a multi-player game where the players try their luck staying dry. The winner (the one who stay dry until the end) gets 1 kilo of fish cooked any way the winner wants.

The Tacsiyapo Wall was featured many times on TV and on print. Guests buy a mug or plate (P8-15) or even a functioning TV (P1,500). Once you’ve chosen your “weapon”, take a deep breath, then throw your it unto the wall, break it into pieces and release your tension along shouting Tacsiyapo as loud as you can. Isn't that an effective stress therapy!. Try to drop by here to experience this unique way to release your anger...hehe

Trivia:'Tacsiyapo' is a kapangpangan term which means "Shame on you!" Quite appropriate actually, since the wall where you get to smash your wares is labelled with different issues over which Filipinos usually get frustrated. Favorite targets on the wall are "5-6!," "Boss / Managers / Supervisors, etc. !" and "Mother / Father in Law!" It is comforting to know that you are not the only one suffering from the same problem.

Mayan/Aztec-themed huge sculptures

Next destination...Our Lady of Manaoag :p

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