Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

To My Daddy

I crown the stars with sparkles,
Like glints in diamond skies,
I'm graced with heart so golden,
'Tis where my beauty lies.

I am your gift of sunshine,
Adorable, Expressive,
Precious as the day is long,
Simply put--impressive.

I treasure all our play times,

And nights with "Goodnight Moon",
The time we build sand castles,
And sing our silly tunes...

The time we shoot the hoops,
And on your shoulders high,
I ride you like a pony,
Way up in the sky.

I am a gift from heaven,
God's grace He did bestow,
Among the stars to pirouette,
In ballerina's glow.

I am a pricelss jewel,
More costly than a pearl,
With wit and charm that can't be matched,
For I am Daddy's Girl!

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