Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sam's School Stuff

Sam can't hardly wait to go to School already. The start of her class will be on the 16th of this month. I can't believed that I'm having a pre-schooler already! I used to have this odd feeling of "Separation Anxiety for Parents" before just thingking of enrolling her this school year. But now, I am the one who is very excited for her. I'm just glad that to see that she shows a lot of interests in school. During the time she wore her uniform for the first time, she refused to remove it na...haha! With matching black shoes pa yan and her white socks. She asked for her Dora backpack and the books & notebooks we bougth from her school. Then off she go, mag school na daw sya!...haha! And what's funny more about that was she wanted to go to her school all by herself!!! (walking distance only from our house) and me should be left alone na lang daw sa house!...imagine that? kalokah diba?! My little girl is very brave! :p

I bought her additional school stuff aside from the required one we bought from her school. Since it's her first time to be in school, i want her things to be coordinated...hehe :p She's into Dora na talaga eversince. She fell inlove with this dora back pack the minute she saw it we went out to shop for her school supplies. Since the bag started it, I decided to buy her also other dora school supplies like notebooks (though the school already provided their uniformed notebooks), cute pencils and crayons, eraser & scissors and other cute dora themed supplies. Along with her back pack is her dora black school shoes, socks, and dora raincoat. Too bad there's no available dora umbrella fo her. I got the winnie the pooh design umbrella for her instead. Now, everything were set already. I just need to pick-up the additional uniform I ordered for her and the PE uniform as well. Oh no, need to get her a new pair of rubber shoes pa pala since she's already outgrowing her old ones. :p

Here are some of her school stuff

her Dora School Backpack

her other Dora School supplies (back-up)

black Dora school shoes

her nursery school essentials

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