Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Excited For Our Bora Trip!

Our balikbayan tita is generous enough to treat us (me, sam & my bro) for a 3d/2n getaway this week to one of the famous beaches here in the Phils., the Boracay island. Her inital plans was supposed to bring us at Hongkong to give us especially her grandchild the amazing experince at Disneyland. Too bad beacause Sam's passport is still at process and really can't make it on time. Since we can't go out of the country, we suggested to get domestic instead. Besides, she really wants to visit the beach. Known to be as one of the best beaches in the world. It's our first time to ride an airplane & it's really giving me this mixed emotion. Excited & at the same time scared! What if's scenarios are still lingering into my mind!..haha! The worries doubles because we're bringing my daughter with us. She's only 3 y/o and I'm really praying that everything will be ok from the departure to arrival @ catiklan to a short boating trip to the boracay island and vise versa.

We'll be staying at La Carmela beach hotel. I'm also worried about the reviews I've read about the bad impression of the said hotel. It's too late for us to change our accomodation because the agent already booked us there after he told us that it's a very good and affordable place to stay. Since it's our first time to be in Boracay and we don't have any idea where to stay, we agreed to get the said hotel. My tita already paid all the necessary expenses from the airfare to the hotel so there's really no chances at all :( I'm just wishing that the hotel facilities was already improved, enough to meet our expectations, will be worth enough on what we paid & will not ruin our stay. I'm keeping my finger cross until we get there. One thing is for sure, we'll surely enjoy the powdery white sand of the beach and Sam will be delighted to play in the white sand once again! Oh boy, can't wait to get there! :)

Friday, February 22, 2008

ABC Run - Element Pack Add-ons

Grab these beautiful ABC Run add-on elements. Hope you like it! =)

download here

layout - by proudmommyvanj
papers & elements - proudmommyvanj designs

layout - inspired by lorieM designs

rirac - by digitreats elements
papers - proudmommyvanj designs
elements - proudmommyvanj designs

Monday, February 18, 2008

Himlayang Pilipino

We weren't able to visit my grandparent's grave this recent All Soul's day because of a very tight schedule. I'm just depending on my bro's availability to be able to go to Himlayang Pilipino where our grandparents & a tito lies. My Aunt from Chicago (my dad's older sis) is spending her home vacation now and staying with us after 14 long years of not coming home. She asked me to accompany her to pay a visit on her departed parents. Since my brother is at work, Sam & I brought her to the memorial park instead. Sam enjoys the company of her grandma and really had so much fun playing in the green green grass of the park.=)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

ABC Jump - Textured Paper Pack

Here are 10 rich colored textured Jump paper pack for everybody! Another great add-ons for the ABC - Jump kits of Digitreats. I'm still workin on the element pack of both the Run & Jump kits. Have a nice time scrappin!

download here

ABC Jump - Paper Pack

How's everybody? Hope you had a very nice time celebrating your Valentine's day. I've been busy for a while because my Aunt from Chicago had just arrived last Feb 12 to spend her 3 weeks vacation here in our hometown. Her last visit was way back in 1994 when my grandma dies. It's almost 14 years since we saw and she's really excited to see me & my bro once again plus meeting her new grandniece (Sam ) for the first time. My time to scrap is kinda tight these past few days because we're always out. Anyway, I was able to insert some of my time to design. Here's my paper add-ons for the ABC Jump kit of Digitreats. It contains 9 patterned colorful papers, following jump color coordinates of Digitreats. I played with the designs & came up with these. Hope you like it! =)

download here

Friday, February 15, 2008

few more abc skip layouts

Here are some of the layout I've made using the ABC Skip kits and add-ons.

papers and elements - all were from digitreat's abc skip kits

papers - Terre-d'argile-addon-papier-05 by Fraisinette
floral frame - by digitreats skip elements 1
floral border - by lisaminor_abcSKIP_ribbon
hangingbrad - by lisaminor_abcSKIP

papers - by proudmommyvanj (prints designs inspired by the abc skip papers of digitreats)
frame with flowers - by digitreats skip elements 2
metal alpha - by proudmommyvanj

paper - by petitmoineaux
flowers - by lisamanor
diamonds - by Fraisinette
AlphaCrazy - by Digiscrap.ch

Thursday, February 14, 2008

ABC Skip Layout

I made use of my own designs of ABC skip papers & elements and come up with this layout. Hope everybody's havin' a nice time scrappin! Have a good day to all. :)

layout - by proudmommyvanj
papers and elements - proudmommyvanj designs

layout - by proudmommyvanj
papers and elements - proudmommyvanj designs

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

ABC Skip - Element Pack

I am so overwhelmed to hear wonderful comments from you guys! I'm so happy that you did liked my very first designs. I'm really in doubt to give it a try at first though I'm already practicing to make my own papers before but for my personal use only, and not having it published as freebie. But then there's no harm in trying. I was astound to see the number of downloads of my kits. Thank you sooo much for appreciating my works. Your compliments are really inspiring! I am so very thankful to Digitreats for including my kits on her blog. It's really a plus to notice my works because Digitreats has it's name already when it comes to digital scrapping and people oftenly log to her site to check out her beautiful kits.

Here are my add-ons on the ABC Skip part. I really had a nice time designing it though I'm a bit confused of what to include. There are so many things inside my head!...dunno where to start...lol! Anyway, the element pack contains 3 patterned frames, 1 big flowery frame, 4 brag flowers, 4 small solid colored bottons and 4 ribbons. I'll try to make some alphas to coordinate the kit. I'm already forgetting to make some layout, so much busy in designing...arrgh!..lol! Hope you'll have a nice time scrapping using the kit. As what every disigners are saying...please, leave some love!...hehe =)


Sunday, February 10, 2008

My First Designs @ Digitreats

Hey guys, check out my designs @ Digitreats.typepad.com. I'm so overwhelmed that Pam (owner of the digital scrap site) was able to include my works @ her site. Imagine, seeing your own designs at one of the most trusted digiscrap designer on the web! That's really amazing! What makes me more prouder is that she compliments my little works. That's so big time for me hearing a very motivating comment from a PRO that my works are beautiful!!!...whew! It's making more inspired to design more and more!..hehe =) Another thing that's making me happy is the continues downloading of my kits at 4shared.com. Plus seeing flooded comments from different digiscrap enthusiast from all corners of the world...It's really inspiring! I'm really happy that they really appreciates my works. Since It's for free, I'm just hoping that my designs would'nt be pirated (yeah, it is also happening in digiscrap online business) and my works are to be claimed by anyone as their own and sell them on the web!!! This is really bad and hopefully this piracy should be stopped!

my textured and printed ABC Skip and Run paper packs

I do hope that this can be the stepping stone for me to enter this online business of digital scrapbooking. Since I'm still just a newbie in designing, I'm giving my kits for free for the meantime. Still need to practice more my skills to come up with a better designs to make some new & beautiful kits. Just need to upgrade my hard disk because it will surely eat a lot of memory space. Not to mention my primitive connection...arrgh!! Im' just annoyed with the available broaddband connections in our country. It's only restricted to a certain area and too bad, our area hasn't yet reached by some of these broadband "nationwide coverage! daw" They are so...so!! haha! For the meantime, need to equip more my skills & hopefully to sell some of my works in different online shop in the future.=)

ABC Run - Cardboard Textured Paper Pack

Here are another 6 colorful papers for everybody. The color schemes are still inspired by the ABC Run kit of Digitreats. Enjoy the papers! =)


Saturday, February 9, 2008

ABC Run Paper Pack

This is the 2nd part of my contribution to the ABC kit of Digitreats!. The ABC Run paper pack, containing 9 colorful printed papers. I'm still working with the elements of both Skip & Run kits. You can download some beautiful elements at Digitreats to compliment my papers.

Enjoy the papers and hope you like the designs! I'm still a newbie in designing that's why I can say that it's another achievement of mine. =) Thanks for appreciating my works! Happy Scrapping! =)

Friday, February 8, 2008

ABC Skip - Grungy Paper Pack

Enjot these 7 pieces plain grungy colorful papers. The color schemes are still from the ABC Skip kit of Digitreats.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

ABC Skip Paper Pack - my very first Freebie!

Weeeh!... At long last, I was able to make my very first digiscrap freebie! And I'm very much happy to share it with everybody. I am so addicted to digital scrapbooking that's why I ensure to download every freebie kit that strikes me on the web. I'm a frustrated designer and I really want to design my own papers & element kits someday. That's why I'm really striving hard to learn. And now I can't believed myself that I did it!!! Yey!...LOL! Well, my designs were not that much as compared to some of you who are already a pro when i comes to designing. But then, I'm still proud of my works. Hopefully to improve it more & will come up with more beautiful designs.

I was inspired by the works of Digitreats, the ABC kits are really gorgeous! From the paper packs to the elements. Too bad I wasn't able to get their very first parts, the 3 paper packs of Skip & Run. But Iwas able to download the Alphas & elements & the other designer's beautiful contribution to the kit. And still waiting for the rest of this huge kit! This is my contribution to the Skip part. Hopefully & trying to come up with the elements & Run kits as well. Again, this is the first time I've done this, I wanna hear your thoughts and I'm very much open for comments. Enjoy!

I made it uploaded too at 4shared so everybody can get it. It seems there's a problem with the snapdrive, maybe network traffic. Hope there's no problem with the 4shared. Just let me know if some of you can't still download the kit. =)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sam's Birthday Layout

This is only a part of the birthday kit that I'm working for Sam's birthday layouts. I was able to make a metal alphas and four colorful balloons from scratch!...yey! I still want to add some more colorful embellishments like party hats, confettis, ice cream & some more party need stickers. I also made the red polka dot papers. I did the design and just applied a premade overlay texture. Need to add more paper with the same color coordinates. Whew!...really need to learn a lot more when it comes to designing! It's really a long way to go!...hahaha =)

My Disney On Ice Layout

It's been a while since I made my last layout...whew! busy busy me!..haha! Haven't practicing my scrapping lately because of the recent very busy holiday season. Plus the birthday preps for my little one. But now, everything seems back to normal and I have enough time to digiscrap again...yey! =)

I've been searching online lately for a nice & cute mickey mouse & friends images to use in my DOI layout. There's a lot of cute images but always comes in small sizes. Small jpeg or gif images is not ideal and is really hard to crop because the small pixel count tends to scatter resulting to a very bad & low quality images. High pixel count is really important especially in digiscrapping works. This make the image looks really sharp even in zooming and very ideal for printing. That's why some of you are wondering why the kits always comes in big sizes. A piece of paper can size up to 10mb depending on the print designs & textures. And it always comes in 3600x3600 pixels which is also 12'x12' in size, the ideal size for scrapbooking. Anyway, I just made use of my saved DOI wallpaper image that i've used in my past blog. Just have the images cropped & put some white borders, add a little drop shadow...and whola!...an instant sticker! Here's what I've got for Sam & Juilian's short but priceless moment. =)

Friday, February 1, 2008

Playtime with Sam

It's another fine afternoon & I let Sam to play with her sand castle play kit. It was a christmas gift from her grandparents on my side. She enjoyed the sticky sand & the moldings. Building her own castle daw for the king & queen..haha! Had the chance to play with our little neighbors Isabel & little Bryan. They had a great time. =)

busy, busy playing

my pretty Sam

playmates neighbor Isabel & Bryan