Friday, July 25, 2008

School Birthdays

sam with the celebrants: classmates ajah, kaithlyn and alyanna

This week was a bit busy for Sammy’s school routine. 3 of her dear classmates celebrated their birthdays in school, excluding ate Keanna’s 6th birthday party. One celebrated on the 22nd, the other was on the 23rd, and lastly was today. Since its Sam’s 1st time in school, I didn’t know that the students can actually spend their birthdays at school. Just need to coordinate with their teachers to allot some time for the celebration. The kids enjoyed the balloons and loot bags rather than the food ...haha! They sang happy birthday to each of the celebrant. Now, I’m thinking if I’m going to spend Sam's 4th birthday in school as well by January of next year...hmmm :p

Friday, July 18, 2008

a simple celeb...

In celebration of my __th birthday...hehe, I just treat Sam & my brother out. We just went out on the 7th of July since my brother is on duty on the 6th. We headed off to The Block of SM North after Sam's school and treat them out with a sumptuous lunch. After dining in, I decided to give my Sam her very first movie house experience. Good thing that Kung-Fu Panda is still showing. Before entering the movie house, I told Sam that "we are going to watch in a very very big tv, and it's really dark inside...but don't worry because mommy & tinong are going to take care of you, so don't worry and behave ok? talking and no screaming inside the cinema ok?" And she did! She enjoyed her very first movie date! She's so fond of the Furious Five especially the fat lead star Po. Though hubby was not usual!...heheI I still did enjoy my special day though we just celebrate it in a simple way. :p

sam beside the Kung Fu Panda Movie Poster

Thursday, July 17, 2008

LP # 5 : Luntian

Narito ang aking ika-limang lahok sa "Litratong Pinoy" para sa huwebes ng linggong ito na may temang "Luntian". Ito ay isang kuha ng aking anak habang kinukulayan nya ang isa sa kanyang mga "Pre-K Workbooks". Sa edad na 3.5, and munting batang ito ay talagang nahuhumaling sa pagkukulay ng buwayang ito gamit ang kanyang kulay LUNTIANG krayola. Ako ay natutuwa na makita ang kanyang pagunlad sa kanyang mga bagong natututunan. Sya ay talagang nagsisikap na hindi lumagpas sa labas ng mga guhit kumpara sa mga unang gawa nya noong sya ay nagsasanay pa lamang.

Maligayang Huwebes sa inyong lahat! :p


Here's my 5th entry to our "Litratong Pinoy" group for this week's theme "Luntian" or Green color. This is a shot of my daughter's work while she's coloring one of her Kumon's pre-K workbooks. At age 3.5, this little girl really enjoys coloring this corcodile with her green crayon. I'm happy to see that she's improving in terms of her new learned skill. She's really trying hard now not to color outside the borders as compared from her works before when she was just starting. :p

Happy Thursday to all! :p

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Playtime @ Glorietta

This was the time that the fashion show for the Caravan of Fun was canceled due to sudden pour of heavy rain on the first day of the said event. The event was on it's peak when suddenly a thick bundle of heavy clouds religiously covered the blue sunny skies. Unexpectedly and without any warning, super heavy rain immediately poured leaving the venue and the people super soaked wet! Due to this unexpected weather condition, mommy Joan of Kidsahoy had no choice but to discontinue the said event and just re-sched the fashion show the next day. Everything were soaked wet including the wirings and outlets for the sound system...that will surely pose a great danger to everybody if they'll still continue the event and the show. Though the rain already stopped, hubby and I decided to take a short trip inside the mall. We're both starving and decided to have some snacks. After we ate, Sam saw this indoor playground within the activity center of the mall and immediately requested if she can play there together with the other kids. We let her played and explored the playground. As you can see, she really had a great time...playing, climbing and sliding in barefoot!...gosh!...haha! As if, then lang ulit nakapaglaro! After she got exhausted, daddy bought an ice cream for her to enjoy. Hehe...just need to capture the moment of her making mess with her cold treat...hehe, simply cute! At nakiki-share pa si daddy nya...haha! :p

Friday, July 11, 2008

Skycable Fun Club -- for kids 2-11 years old

If you are a Skycable subscriber and have kids aged 2-11 years old, why not join the Skycable Fun Club?

One of the perks is getting a birthday pack for your child during his birthday month (pictured on the left is the birthday pack for the 3rd quarter of 2008) by being one of the first 50 to call and reserve that particular month. They change the birthday pack every quarter.

Aside from the birthday packs, you get invites to special fun and educational activities like trips to Manila Ocean Park, SM Science Discovery Center, advanced screenings of family-oriented films, and lots more... all for free! Last summer they even had a series of free Trumpets workshops (complete with a final recital and certificates of accomplishment) for kids aged 7-11.

Important Announcement:
KidsCo and Gain School Advance celebrate with SkyCable Fun Club members for a fantastic birthday celebration! July, August and September celebrants get special birthday treats! So hurry! Call 631-0000 to reserve your kids' birthday treats today!
*First 50 celebrants to call

Birthday Treats Guidelines
1. These birthday treats are available only to Fun Club members who are celebrating their birthdays in July, August and September. A total of 50 birthday packs (i.e. Goodie bags with KidsCo and Gain School Advance premium items) are available for reservation and redemption per month. First call, first served.
2. Reservation will only be processed if account is active and current at the time of the call. Likewise, account must be active and current upon redemption
3. Reservation will only be entertained for celebrants of that month. (EG: July celebrants may only call to reserve in July). Advanced reservations are not allowed. The subscriber will be asked to call again on his/her child’s birthday month.
4. Birthday packs may be redeemed from the SkyCable office at the 33F Tektite East Tower, Exchange Rd, Ortigas Center, Pasig, Thursdays and Fridays, 9am-11am and 1pm-5pm.
5. For the complete terms and conditions of the SkyCable Fun Club, click

All these wonderful treats are exclusively available to SkyCable Fun Club members. Your kids not yet part of the coolest kiddie club around? Register now and introduce them into a world of exclusive treats, fun learning and new friends!

Free WMM Seminar - Lifeworks Series: How to end your homework hassles

Working Mom Magazine and Metrobank Visa presents Lifework Series, the 2nd Quarter Workshop on work-life balance "How to end your homewrok hassles" by Dr. Queene Lee-Chua Ph.D

When: July 19, 2008 / 9-12 noon
Where: Richmond Hotel

Seminar is FREE but pre-registration is a must! Click here for more inquiries.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Try this cool Badge Maker

Create an ID badge using your own digital photographs or make your own ID card, press pass, name tag, unofficial Flickr badge, or any other kind of identification. Print it out, laminate it, wear it with pride! Make any kind of identification* easily in just a few seconds.

Here's what I've got for myself. Enjoy creating your
own! :p

LP # 4 : Balingkinitan

Ito ang aking pang-apat na lahok sa lingguhang tema ng Litratong Pinoy. Sa linggong ito, ang tema ay "Balingkinitan".

Ito ay kuha ng dalawang "Stilt Walkers" na nakita namin minsang nagtungo kami sa Mall Of Asia. Napakagaling ng mga taong ito at dapat lamang na ipagmalaki nila ang kanilang trabaho. Dahil sa totoo lang, hindi biro ang pagtayo sa dalawang balingkinitang bakal ng ilang oras para lang makapag-bigay saya sa mga tao. Sila din ay lumalakad lakad sa paligid, minsan naman ay tumatakbo ng hindi nabubuwal!...Ang galing! :p


This is my 4th entry to the weekly theme of "Litratong Pinoy" or "Filipino Photos". For this week, the theme is "Balingkinitan" or "Slim, Slender, Thin".

This is a shot of the two Stilt Walkers that we saw one time we went to Mall of Asia. These entertainers are really awesome and should be proud of their job. It's not that easy to stand in steel sticks for hours just to entertain the crowd. They walked around the viscinity and sometimes they run without tilting!...Amazing! :p

Vote for my Sam's photo @ Jollibee Happy Moments photo contest

website of Jollibee Happy Moments contest

"I think this is the best title that fits my photo entry. As what you can see, she actually said "wow!" when she saw what I got her for her lunch one time we went out for a Jollibee treat. She can't believe her eyes that it's all for her! I, myself is really a Jollibee lover ever since. I even worked as a part-time crew way back in my college years to experience how it feels to become a part of this fast growing fast food chain in the Philippines. And now that I'm a mom already, I can see that my daughter really have this passion for the Jollibee products. From the food, to our ever so loving Jollibee mascots! I can't blame her because the menu is really a kid friendly food. They have lots of choices to choose from. She personally loves the Krispy Fries and the most favorite of 'em all, the Jollibee Chicken Joy! She always insists to dine in @ Jollibee whenever we go out. And even @ home, we sometimes have some deliveries when the Jollibee cravings attack! This is just to prove that Jollibee is a already a part of each Filipino family wherever in the world! Keep up the good work and the passion to provide the best customer service in terms of fast food chain in the world! Congratulations!!! "

Click here to vote fo our entry!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Earthquake prediction is a Hoax!

The predicitions that being circulated in emails, texts and blogs (including my blog) about the earthquake prediction on July 18, 2008 is totally a bogus! I was finally relieved when ABS-CBN's TV Patrol already aired their investigation about this 47-year-old Brazilian teacher, Juseleeno Nobulega Daroose and his prophesy of the said 8.1 magnitude earthquake that will rock the Philippines. It was told that he just wrote these bogus predictions to earn popularity and to increase the traffic on his blog! Imagine that?...He's a sick man!!! We’re supposed to know it as a fact, and we’ve learned it in school that no one, not even the best seismologist, can predict when and where an earthquake will strike, as well as its exact magnitude. And yet, even the supposedly well-informed get rattled when they receive e-mails or text messages that an earthquake will strike a certain area, on a certain day and at an exact time.

To assuage public fear and panic, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) was forced to issue a statement declaring the text message and emails a hoax.

News from ABS-CBN News:
The Brazilian clairvoyant foresees a tragic event hitting the Philippines on July 18, 2008: an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.1, causing widespread deaths and destruction. His alleged prophesy has been posted and reposted in various blogs, inviting discussions about its authenticity.

For PHIVOLCS Director Renato Solidum Jr., however, a person who receives such a message should ask, "Does this person exist?"

"They have to verify if that person exists and check whatever statement made supposedly by that person… You have to know the veracity of that e-mail," Solidum told

Solidum said many Filipinos tend to be alarmed when receiving e-mails or text messages warning of a supposedly imminent quake because they put more weight on prophesies than scientific analyses.

He acknowledged that much still needs to be done in educating the public about earthquakes.

Solidum cautioned the public against spreading wrong information to other people. He reminded the public that not all things written on the web or sent through text messages are true.

He reiterated that scientists still cannot predict when an earthquake will strike.

"What we need to do is make sure that we always send the message that the reality is, this is how far science has gone: nobody can predict an earthquake as to the exact magnitude, time and actual date," Solidum said.

What seismologists can only do, for now, is estimate the magnitude of an earthquake coming from a certain fault. For the Marikina fault line, for instance, seismologists have raised the possibility of a 7.2 magnitude earthquake, in case it moves.

"It’s an estimate of the maximum credible earthquake that that fault can move. As to when it will exactly move, no one knows. It can be small and it can be big. You have to prepare for the big ones," he said.

Earthquakes can happen anytime, especially in earthquake-prone countries such as the Philippines. Filipinos must know what to do before, during and after an earthquake.
"Of course, strong earthquakes will happen, so we need to prepare. In fact, there were strong earthquakes that happened in the past, including a magnitude of 8.3, so that is not unusual," he said. Solidum said the country must ensure that its houses, schools, hospitals and other infrastructures can withstand tremors, and its people must be educated about safety measures. He advised the public not to panic. There should also be a continuous effort to educate the youth about earthquake preparedness, especially those who have not experienced a strong earthquake. Solidum said the country is not yet 100 per cent ready, but "we’re better prepared than before."

Saturday, July 5, 2008

World Traveler Photo Contest

Calling all Shutterbugs!


Grand Prize:
The grand prize in each category will be two World Business Class tickets to join travel journalist Rudy Maxa at an
upcoming location for his public television show, Rudy Maxa's World. Winners will photograph the destination,
and their photos will be used in the DVD packaging for that episode of the show

First Runners-Up:
One NWA World Vacations trip certificate valid for an air and hotel package ($1,200 value).

Second Runners-Up:
Two coach tickets to any domestic NWA destination.

How to Enter
1. Submissions must include photographer's name, category (amateur or professional), address, phone number and e-mail
address. Also required is a short explanation of the photo, including identification of the subject, when and where the
photo was taken and what drew the photographer to the subject.

2. Photos must be in digital format and submission conveys all rights to the photo to Northwest Airlines, Inc.

3. Only five entries per person, and the deadline is October 1, 2008.

here for more info on how to join the contest!

What's in your Desktop?

download the desktop here

Been seeing this tag for a couple of times before when I do blog hop. I decided to share mine. Since it's my birthday month, I decided to start using a calendar desktop to keep me tracked of my to do list for the entire month. I usually have a photo of my daughter or any digiscrap layout that I made to use as my desktop. For this month, I made used of this beautiful layout desktop calendar from shabby princess. It includes the current month and some slots for your pics. Plus a very clean space for your desktop icons. :p

How about you?...What's in your desktop?

Friday, July 4, 2008

Earthquake Prediction on July 18, 2008

I Just grabbed this from one of my Multiply buddies. Though I don't want to believed about these predictions, I'm still a bit worried and prayed that It wont happen. I'm really terrified while I'm reading it. Hope it's not true and It's just a warning, but there's nothing to lose if you read this and share with your friends and love ones. I don't know how authentic this letter but let's pray for God's Kindness.

Here are the predictions:

July 18, 2008 - Philippines will get 8.1 earthquake, thousands of people will die.








This was a forwarded email. It may be true or not but we know that our God is in control no matter what. He has a reason & purpose for everything.

Uncanny Prophesy: What will happen to the world and to the Philippines at 2008

Mr. Juseleeno Nobulega DaRoose is Brazilian, born in 1960, 47 years old now, his occupation is a teacher, he is a normal citizen, having a very poor life with his wife and kids. All the events which Mr. Juselleno predicted had clear indication of the year, month date of the disasters, incase any third party wants to confirm the facticity of his prophesy, Mr. Juselleno always put the story which he predicted to the notarization office or post office for the approval.

Somebody asked him, how old did he start the prophesy dream, he answered: 9 years old, from 1969, he dreamed 3 events a day, sometimes 9 events, the times he dreamed is different every day. He said all the prophesy dreams were automatically in his dream. When Mr. Juseleeno was 19 years old, he met the famous Brazilian prophesy Saint Mr. Franciscoshabiz, after that the worldwide disaster events were increased in his prophesy dream. Mr. Franciscoshabiz was two times the candidate for the Nobel Prize, he is a very famous differential functional person, at the same time he is also the Charitarian. The events which Mr. Juseleeno predicted are already more than 80000, firstly let’s look at below a few big worldwide events and huge disaster from his prophesy.

Princess Diana was assassinated;

Mr. Juseleeno sent a warning letter to Diana via post office on 4th March,1997. I got the message from the God that someone is planning to kill you in the car accident, your life will be dangerous, 7 angels told me about this. You may die in this car accident and the specialist may close this case as a driving mistake, but they are totally wrong. The murder is close to you. And it will happen before 2000.

Juseleeno also send this warning letter to the time, Darlytelegraph and Guardian etc. new agents in England , but never published. The car accident was happened on 31st August,1997, 5 month after the warning letter was sent out. Just as the prophesy said that the case was closed as driving mistake. The accuracy of this prophesy is not only to predict the huge event but also the truth of the intrigue behind the event. There are a lot of rumors after the accident, Diana was killed by the England royal family centered by queen Elizabeth.

The prophesy said it will happen before 2000, though there isnt exact date on, but this prophesy was sent to the president (FernandoHenriqueSilvaCardoso) of Brazil 2 years before the accident and mentioned about from 1997 to 98 that Diana will die etc.

The second attack of World Trade Center , it is 911

Jeseleeno sent the warning letter to the president of USA in 1989, the warning letter had also published at a notarization office which run by Mr. Klicheeba in the town of Palana . This warning letter also predicted that the World Trade Center will get the first attack in 1993, though there was no exact date on but the second attack was clearly told 11th September,2001. Everyone knew the result, the first attack was happened on 26th Feb.1993 three and half year after the warning letter sent out, the parking place was blow up and many people injured, the second attack was happened on 11th Sept.2001, 13 years after the warning letter sent out, it is the 911.

The exclamatory thing is, this prophesy also told about Afghanistan and Iraq war will start after 911, after Iraq lost, the president Haisan will run to Adawr the middle of Iraq etc. are all in the letter, like you all know, the events in the prediction letter were happened one by one.

Sumatra Indonesia earthquake

Juseleeno sent the warning letter about Indonesia Sumatra Earthquake to the India Embassy on 16th September, 1996, about 8 years before the disaster. This warning letter predicted that there will be 8.9 earthquake in Aceh Indonesia in the morning of 26th December,2004. India and Indonesia will be attacked by the tsunami. He sent the warning letter to the president of Indonesia on 30th April, 1997, the letter is about. I dreamed that 7:00am 26th Dec, 2004, South Asia will be attacked by 8.9 earthquake, at the same time will get the tsunami, the area will be Aceh Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Maladiv, Bombay. And many people will be dead.

The result is- the earthquake was happened at 07:58am 26th Dec. More than 200000 people dead, the biggest tsunami was about 30 meters, a lot people were dead by the tsunami. He also sent the same letter to Indonesia , Philippine, Thailand and other Embassies. He also got the thanks letter from these countries.

The thanks letter from Meigawadi said about the 2004 earthquake and tsunami, to prevent the disaster, we must do a lot of things, but in another hand, we can do nothing. The thanks letter from Indonesia Embassy said..we will send this letter to our government, if you have any update information, please let us know.

From above information, Juseleeno already predicted that there will be more than 200000 people die in the tsunami and earthquake 8 years before the disaster, he sent the warning letter with detail date on to these countries, but nobody did any preventive measures.

The writer pick up a few events which Juseleeno predicted for the future.


Tornado attacked Brazil , thousands people dead.

2007 or July of 2008 Japan will get earthquake and get 30 meters tsunami.

Japan will get earthquake and typhoon in October, He predicted that the huge typhoon will happen on 26th October in the warning Letter

USA will get the terror attack on 17th December.


Will find the medicine for AIDS and Dengue

18th July, Philippine will get 8.1 earthquake, thousands people will die

The Empire State Building New York will get terror attack in September.

13th of September, China will get 9.1 earthquake in Nanning and Hainan, at the same time will get 30 meters Tsunami, millions people will die, the tsunami may go to Japan Directly.


25th January. 8.9 earthquake will attacked Japan , Hundred thousands people will die.

November, Japan will get earthquake again. Thousands people will die.

Brazilian government can not pay the insurance because of the finance problems. Will get the riot.

24th August, Istanbul Turkey will get 8.9 earthquake. The road will be parted.

16th December, Sumatra Indonesia will get 7.8 earthquake. Thousands people will die.


The temperature will reach 58 degrees in many countries of Africa , at the same time will lack of water.

15th June, the New York stock market will be

The temperature in Africa will reach 58 degrees, it is unbelievable number, but in May 2007, people who travel around Africa said the temperature in Greece and Turkey are already 39-40 degrees, Iraq and Arabia is about 45-46 degrees, it is possible to happen in the summer but not in may, we can imagine that in the summer of 2010, the world will become warmer and Africa will get the high temperature.


Will found the treatment for Cancer. But another new cancer will occur.

A serious disease will occur, it will be called ALS, People will die after 4 hours get ALS

Bird flu H5N1 will infect to human, 7300000 people will die till 2013.

Mr.Juseleeno’s prophesy is not only for the disease and earthquake but also for the exact name. For example the formal US president Gore famous book An Inconvenient Truth. The name of tornado which will attack Brazil, and thousands people will die, the name of infectious disease ( ALS), the name for San Francisco’s earthquake ( the Big One) and etc. events.

The area of glebe will be extended regarding the aridity and become desert, from 2015 till 2020, the trees will disappear in Amazon.

From 6th Dec. the sky will start the black cloud time, it is called weather cloudy.
Human start die because of the infectious diseases overspread.

Find the treatment for cancer except the brain cancer.
Bahamas of West Indies, from 1st Nov. till 25th the Volcano will break out and bring the earthquake too, after that will be 150 meters huge tsunami, about 80 meters tsunami will go to Caribbean, About 15 kilometer to 20 kilometer to USA , Brazil and other countries. The sea will go down 6 meters before the tsunami and the birds will move away too.

Mr.Juseleeno predicted that when the cats and dogs know the disaster is coming, they want to get away from the venue, they will have strange behaviors 24 hours before the disaster, so we can use that for the standard of judgement.

The small planet will be closer to the earth and may knock together, the exist of this small planet will influent the issue of human live.

In November, the average temperature will reach 59 degrees, many people will die, the world confusion will be bigger.

In the middle of April, huge typhoon will attach some cities of China , about one thousand people will die.
The US president Bush will be in the hospital suddenly, has serious sickness.

About the issue of small planet will be closer to the earth, the leaders of each country will gather together to discuss the countermeasure, Mr. Juseleeno already predicted in 2000, and informed the NASA of USA about the exist of the small planet. On 31st June,2002, NASA confirmed and called this small planet 2002ZNT7

May find out the science power solution, if the small planet knock together, 1/3 population of the world will die. Mr. Juseleeno predicted that the percentage for the small planet knock the earth will be 60% .

In June, the east sea of Japan will get the Tsunami, bigger then the Indonesia tsunami.

Astronomer will find new planet, it may knock the earth again, the possibility will be 80%.

In July, San Francisco will get huge earthquake, it is called the big one, San Andreas Fault will be destroyed, California will disappear, a lot of crater will start again, the tsunami will be more than 150 meters.

The world population reduced, about 80% people dead in the disaster.
Will 2008 Beijing Olympic Game be held smoothly?

As above said, in 2008, China will get 9.1 earthquake and more than millions people will die, according to Mr. Juseleeno’s prediction that the earth quake will be 13th September,2008, and Olympic will hold on 8th August-24th, In this schedule, the earthquake will happen after Olympic, but before the big earthquake, there will be a lot of small earthquake, it will make the country and people upset.

There will be a lot of small earthquake before the big one, although Juseleeno didnt predict the exact date, but if we presume the small earthquake will happen one or two month before and it may be the period of Olympic, if so it may make the host and athletes give up. When the writer read this prophesy from Juseleeno, he suddenly remember the space time traveler John Titoer’s last word, 2004 Athens Olympic Game will be last one

But, if the earthquake is in the south of China , Nanning and Hai Nan, and there are no Olympic games, the Beijing Olympic Game will close successfully. But the problem is that China government is only care about the reputation and successfully of the Olympic game, ignore the small earthquakes, and no preparation before the big one. China may control the report, closed all the news . If so there will be a big disaster as the prophesy said. In Mr. Juseleenos warning letter said if there is no preparation to protect the citizens, will get huge loss

Mr. Juseleeno also predicted that glacier period is coming.

He also has the right prophesy for the weather, one of them is, in 2003, Europe got high temperature, 29th October, 2001, the warning letter said the nature world will beat back to the world, the temperature of France, Germany and Portugal will become higher, more than ten thousand people will die, this disaster will happen between 2003 and 2004. the truth is, the temperature in the summer of 2003 had reached the highest one which they’ve never had in Europe, about 35.000 people dead, especially France and Germany , about 14,000 people dead in France and 7000 people dead in Germany .

From Mr.Juseleeno’s prophesy, the earth temperature will get higher every year, till 2012, the temperature in Africa will reach 58 degrees and the same time will have serious water problem, after the temperature will be even higher, till 2015, the average temperature of earth will reach 59 degrees, a lot of people will die, the human will get frighten all over the world. If this is the truth, the countries will against each other because of the aridity and not enough food, Mr. Jeseleeno also predicted that there will be some new wars because of the aridity, but he didnt have clear prophesy, but he felt it wont be the normal war.

Anyway, the temperature is getting higher is not like the aerography said ( the speed is very slow), actually very quick. However the warmness seems not always incessancy, after the high temperature, a big part of ice of Greenland and South Pole will be dissolved and go to the sea, the circulation of the sea will be lower and become colder, it means a new glacier time. In Juseleenos prophesy seems also said after 2027, there will be a new glacier. Details of the prophesy as below:

The volcano of America yellow park will break out, the smoke and magma will go 1,600 kilometer far, Kansas , Nebraska , Montana will all get damaged. The break out of the volcano is not only in Yellow park, but also some other place in the world. these smoke will blot out the sun, the circulation of see will stagnate and active the cold phenomena.

Eir and kol got Nobel award
As we all know, the formal president Gore dedicate on study of earth temperature, his famous book An Inconvenient Truth was made to a movie and also get the Oscar award. Actually 19 years ago, Mr. Juseleeno already predicted about this, the phophesy had been published on Moon Magazine in June, in the end of may, before the publish, the editor told the writer about this, I really got surprised for a while..

According the letter which Juseleeno sent to Gore, this prophesy letter already inform Gore that from 1993 to 2001 he wont be the vice president anymore, he will dedicate on protect the world environment activities, and he will write a book An Inconvenient Truth to become famous, the English letter Juseleeno wrote to Gore also told the books name and he will get the 2007 Nobel award, we will know this autumn, Lets looking forward for the prophesy for Mr. Gorel. We cant deny Mr. Juseleenos prophesy.

There are not much time for Human, from December 2007, the Black Cloud will extend all over the world, as Mr. Juseleeno predicted that if the human still keep the actuality, human will have terrible life from 2008 till 2012 , the black cloud will full of the sky before the disaster. If we want the disaster, and war stay away from us, the deadline for human is the end of 2007. Mr. Juseleeno expected the world consciousness will change in the end of 2007.

The situation is very serious now, if we still want to depend on others power, Mr. Juseleeno’s prophesy the black future will happen. We must understand the serious situation, individual to individual, group to group, country to county, hold you own responsibility, take action, because the deadline will come soon.

Inability and tiny ability is totally different, inability is no matter whatever we do, it wont help. But tiny ability mean more people contribute and the power will become strong. We have do start from ourselves, one people’s power is small but if we put everyones power together, It will be strong to change the future disaster.

Let us PRAY that none of those foreseen event would ever happen. Believe in God and you'll see his kindness.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

blogger glitch?

What's wrong with blogger? I'm editing some of my draft and I can't upload any image. I've been trying to upload since early this afternoon but to no avail. The file sizes was not that much but it keeps on producing an error. I think it's my browser or what....hays! I'll try it again. :)

LP # 3 : Tatak Pinoy

Matatawag nating ito na isa sa pinaka importanteng gamit panglinis ng ating mga kabahayan. Marami ng makabago at modernong kagamitang panglinis ang naimbento ngayon upang mapanatili nating malinis ang ating kapaligiran partikular sa loob ng bahay. Ngunit kung ako ang inyong tatanungin, hindi ko ipagpapalit ang ating nakasanayan ng gamitin mula pa sa ating kanunununuan. Ang tawag dito ay Walis Tambo. Kinunan ko ang larawang ito noong kami ay nagtungo sa Baguio nuong nakaraang tag-init. Ito ay isang totoo at ipinagmamalaking produkto ng Pilipinas.


We can call this as one of the most important tool to clean our house. There are so many new and modern type cleaning equipments are being invented today to keep our sorroundings clean particularly the interior part of our houses. But if you are going to ask me, I will not trade our native product that still came from our ancestors. It 's called "Walis Tambo". I've got this photo when we went to Baguio last summer. This is a one true and proudly Philippine made product.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

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