Saturday, July 12, 2008

Playtime @ Glorietta

This was the time that the fashion show for the Caravan of Fun was canceled due to sudden pour of heavy rain on the first day of the said event. The event was on it's peak when suddenly a thick bundle of heavy clouds religiously covered the blue sunny skies. Unexpectedly and without any warning, super heavy rain immediately poured leaving the venue and the people super soaked wet! Due to this unexpected weather condition, mommy Joan of Kidsahoy had no choice but to discontinue the said event and just re-sched the fashion show the next day. Everything were soaked wet including the wirings and outlets for the sound system...that will surely pose a great danger to everybody if they'll still continue the event and the show. Though the rain already stopped, hubby and I decided to take a short trip inside the mall. We're both starving and decided to have some snacks. After we ate, Sam saw this indoor playground within the activity center of the mall and immediately requested if she can play there together with the other kids. We let her played and explored the playground. As you can see, she really had a great time...playing, climbing and sliding in barefoot!...gosh!...haha! As if, then lang ulit nakapaglaro! After she got exhausted, daddy bought an ice cream for her to enjoy. Hehe...just need to capture the moment of her making mess with her cold treat...hehe, simply cute! At nakiki-share pa si daddy nya...haha! :p

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