Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sam's Adventure Day @ Fun Ranch, Tiendesitas

Another exciting place to visit with your kids. This place is called Fun Ranch Center (beside Tiendesitas) where kids definitely rule! An entire compound built for them where they can play, shop, eat and have a spa massage. It is fast becoming the cool place to spend family time or celebrate kids birthday. Highly recommendable with two thumbs up!

We visited the place last summer during Mike annual home vacation. Sam really enjoys the Fun Ranch and you can definitely see the happiness on her face after the trip. It is best to visit here during the weekdays to avoid the kids crowd on weekends. It is 50% operational and the best places are the Active Fun play area and Little Lambs Spa. Of course, every kids center have the usual kiddie traps in the form of the fun rides such as the merry go round and carousel rides, game centers, and junk foods which we usually avoid to give our daughter. Also, there's a Big Red Barn restaurant which was built with kids and family. Overall, wonderful place for kids and I do hope they are able to maintain it. Thanks to my online buddy Nina Acuna for the tip on this place. I do hope to meet you again and our other online mommy friends with the kids in Fun Ranch one of these days :)

Some tips for the best Fun Ranch Experience
1. Play with your kids @ Active Fun. For kids less than 3 years old, it should be accompanied by a yaya/ a parent (for free).
2. Socks are a must! (for the kids and the parent :)
3. Schedule a Kiddie Massage Spa before you play. This is definitely a must! All kids love this.
4. Go on a Weekday. Little Lambs have a promo discount during weekdays. Avoid the Kids crowd.
5. Bring Extra Shirts. (for the kids and the parent :)
6. Spend 3 hours in this order: Active Fun Play Center -- Little Lambs Spa -- Big Red Barn Resto
7. Prepare a budget of P500/ kid for the entire experience.
8. Don't forget to bring your camera and take fun shots :)

More of Sam's Fun Ranch exciting experience HERE.
Contact Info.
Active Fun - 3965291
Fun Ranch - 6340067Big
Red Barn - 3965237