Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas 2007

It's the most wonderful time of the year...definitely especially for the kids. A family celebration that i've been missing almost every year since the day that most of my family members need to leave & work abroad. I missed them very much! My parents & my partner. I'm so envious to some of you who really managed to gather all your family members to be together and celebrate as one happy family this wonderful season. With the parents (lolo & lola) with you, some relatives, the kids and of course your better half. I really missed those moments. Oh well, at least I have my little girl with me and my bro to rejoice the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. I still thanked "him" for all the wonderful blessings he had given to me & my family. We just had a simple dinner but didn't have the usual "Noche Buena" na because Sam is already fast asleep.

Sam just enjoyed opening her christmas gifts the next morning. She just had few unlike last year that she really had a lot. And because some are still to follow from my in-laws, they'll try to visit this coming new year. And some from her Ninongs & Ninangs. And maybe because "nanawa" na din ako to buy her some more toys. I just spent most for her clothes na lang. Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Barney Layout

Here's the layout I've made for my Sam & Allysa's mini eyeball at the Barney show in Araneta Coliseum last Dec. 22, 2007. The paper with barney prints is my own design and the elements were from some kits I have downloaded before. The stickers are mine too. I just grabbed some barney images online then had it cropped & stroked with white borders then whola!...an instant barney stickers! I just love scrapping kids photo especially these kind of special moments. Aren't they're cute? =)

Sam in the farm

This was the time we visit our relatives from Pulilan Bulacan to attend our new nephew's christening (from one of my cousins, my mom's side) last Dec. 23. It's also the time she met some of our relatives on my mom's side and played with her 2nd degree cousins. Sam enjoyed the not so long expedition going to Bulacan. She didn't sleep @ all during the trip and just enjoyed viewing the rice fields and farm animals along the way. She had this chance to take a closer look to some of my cousin's ducks & pigs and really liked looking @ them. She even sang the "Old McDonald had a farm" in her very own words while watching them..iyaiyayoh!...hahaha!

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sam meets Santa!

After the Barney show, we took the chance for Sam to meet & greet Santa Clause @ the Gateway mall. We had our lunch first and stroll around the mall after while waiting for Santa for the 3:00pm sched. There's only few kids & parents waiting @ the upper ground floor, activity area of the Gateway mall where Santa will have the meet & greet thing. When Santa arrived, everybody looked astound including me...hehe, because he really looked like the real one that we see in TV. The big fat guy who has a long white curly hair, big tummy, rosy cheeks, big blue eyes with a pair of eyeglasses and wearing a santa suit. I thought Sam will get scared to get near on him, but she's not. She even say "hi Santa" with a waiving hand when she saw him. She's really excited especially when it's our turn to meet & greet him. She allows Santa to pick her up & sat her on his lap for the picture taking. I'm simply proud of my little girl! And very thankful to Santa for the great opportunity to meet him though he's not the real one, he made lots of kids happy.=)

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Barney... Let's Imagine Tour in Manila 2007

Sam finally watched her most awaited Barney show today, 11am @ Araneta Coliseum. We arrived @ the big dome almost past 11 because of heavy and irritating traffic. I'm so worried because I thought we'll gonna be late for the show and will missed something. I even texted Nina if the show actually starts on time, you know american time since the performers and the Barney mascots were all foreigner. Glad that they had this almost 30 mins grace period allowance for the late comers and we didn't missed anything. We did had a very nice spot though it's not on the VIP's, Sam can still see Barney clearly. I was able to sneak in my bro's digicam and gave in my own as a trap for the guards...thanks for the tip sis Nins!...hehe =) I just don't get it and can't see the reason why they're not allowing the cameras inside the show. Hello! it's a kiddie show and they should expect that the crowd includes a bunch of kids and a very excited parents who will not allow to missed the chance to catch this wonderful moments of their kids with their favorite TV idol. They're so mean!...hahaha! But then I was still able to sneak in my bro's digicam..hehe! Oh well, there's really no impossible to a mamarazzi like us..mommies!..lol! I was able to meet in person also my very good online mommy friend, Mommy AC and her cutie Alyssa for the first time. This kind of kiddie gatherings are the best chance to meet our online buddies. Just like me, I was able to meet new friends thru different community online who are also mommies like me and shares a common interests as a mom. I'm really glad that i finally met some of them and our connection is not just only thru online but hopefully, a new friendship to last. The kids really had a great time watching the show and so did we, the mommies! =)

The show, that runs from December 19 to 23 at the Araneta Coliseum, had everyone’s favorite purple dinosaur embark on a magical journey with his Ideas Factory leading the way. With their human friends Daniel, Ethan, Madison and Taylah, Barney and his prehistoric allies Baby Bop, BJ and Riff (Barney’s cousin who makes his stage debut in this all-new musical) set off to test the limits of their imagination. There was a lot of dancing and music in the show, and issues on the environment, healthy eating habits and the benefits of teamwork were tackled, too. Sam enjoyed watching Cousin Riff find an entire marching band in the machine, sang with Baby Bop and flew high with BJ as he takes the plane on his journey.

Let’s Imagine Live—The Philippine Tour not only features the songs from the TV show that Barney’s fans have grown to love but a handful of new songs that will be presented for the first time. Enhancing the kid-friendly tone of the production are the use of multimedia imagery, live actors (including four dancers who play various characters ranging from fruits and vegetables to musical instruments to trees), giant inflatable props and the stage debut of Barney’s cousin Riff who loves music and tinkering with various objects. Since Barney’s debut in 1988, the lovable T-Rex (who is actually 200 million years old) has brightened the day for millions of children worldwide. And for this Philippine Tour this Christmas, Barney will continue to weave their magic and spread comfort and joy to Filipino kids. Tickets ranges from P1575 Reserved seating for VIP's to P525 Upper box free seating.

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Visit the ticketnet.com website for online reservations or

Call the ticketnet hotline @ 911-5555

Friday, December 21, 2007

Last minute shopping!

Sam & I were still managed to have our last minute christmas shopping @ this time! (dec. 20)...haha! I'm running out of time and my christmas shopping list are not yet complete..ayayay!..LOL! To avoid the crowded mall, i'll always make sure to arrived there before it opens. But the people are already jam-packed outside as if everybody's already panicked buying. Just need to buy a few more from my list and we should be off the mall as soon as possible. We were still able to meet with "kumare ng bayan"..haha! Irish with her cutie Aynrand and had a very nice time eating lunch @ Pizza Hut.

Date archived: Dec. 20, 2007

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Meet & Greet Santa @ Gateway!

Weeeh!... Can't wait have this opportunity to finally meet & greet our ever loving own version of Santa. If ever it's Sam's first to see a "Santa Clause" in person. Hope she will not get scared of him...haha! We'll hopefully grab this opportunity after the Barney show on December 22 since the Big Dome is just beside the Gateway mall. See you soon Santa! =)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Sam meets the Giant Christmas Tree!

I was able to bring Sam to Cubao last Saturday to check out the famous giant Christmas tree standing near Araneta Coliseum that is very well known since our childhood days. She was so amazed and stunned on what she saw and suddenly said..wow! giant giant tree! (reminds her of the giant in her dora's fairy tale adventure). Too bad that the Fiesta Carnival didn't last up to this time. It took me a while to get the chance to take her pic beneath the tree because of the inevitable passing of people along the street where the tree stands. We headed to the Gateway mall after to treat my little one with a scrumptious lunch, and did some christmas shopping later that afternoon. We both had a great time.

Date archived: December 8, 2007

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Sam loves the holiday daughnuts from Krispy Kreme

We got to enjoy the new holiday treats from Krispy Kreme doughnuts. The doughnuts are really good but kinda too sweet for my taste buds...hehehe. I used to eat kasi our very own dunkin & mister doughnuts (internationally known too) and their sweetness is just enough for me. Though the krispy kreme doughnuts are too sweet, it's heavenly luscious! A vey nice treat for all of us once in a while. The doughnut itself actually melts in your mouth (parang m&m..hehe) and just a piece of it is just right enough to satisfy our sweet tooth. Sam just enjoy the toppings and didn't finished her piece. She just got amazed of the cute and colorful decorations.

Date archived: Dec. 15, 2007

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Sam's fun day @ Kevin's Toy & Library

This is located @ the 3rd level of Trinoma mall. A place where you can leave your kids safely (above 3 y/o, need a guardian if below 3) that they will truly enjoy while you are busy shopping. Since Sam is stil under 3, i need to accompany her. Well, i can't imagine leaving her there alone even she's already 4 or older though..hehe! We both had a great time. She enjoys the toys and the playroom and me as the mamarazzi mom once again..lol!

Date archeived: Dec. 10, 2007
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Friday, December 7, 2007

Mickey Mouse & Friends Meet & Greet @ The Block

Sam and I had this chance to meet and greet our famous disney characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy last friday, December 9 @ The Block of SM north. We did some christmas shopping and didn't know that there's an event like this @ the mall. No need to purchase anything. Just fall in line and wait for your turn. Sorry I wasn't able to get the date schedule of until when they will be having the event, but for sure they are still there this Sunday December 9. You can meet them @ three different sched time..2pm, 4pm and 6pm. So what are you waiting for? Hit the mall now and get the chance to meet and greet our ever so loving Mickey Mouse and friends!

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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Casa Santa, San Isidro Antipolo

One of the place i'll really love to visit especially this holiday season. Introducing the Casa Santa, an internationally recognized Santa Clause collection that house Santa items ranging from life size, singing santas to Turkish inspired bronze plaque of Santa Clause. At present, it is one of the most extensive private collection of Santa Clause items in the country. It contains a massive “Santa” collection with over 2,000 santas in every imaginable size and configuration that extend from Santa blankets to a chessboard with Santa figurines to Swarovski Santas that riddle every nook and cranny of the house. And unlike traditional stuffy museums, the Casa Santa is a fun museum in that the visitors are free to inspect the items closely, or in some cases, play with it.

In December 2005, the Casa Santa was featured in international television thru Associated Press. It is also oftentimes visited by school children. It brings joy to everyone the whole year round. True to her nature as a fun loving art collector, Jardin’s proprietor did not stop at the Santa collection. She has extended her collection to other works of art such as the sculptures of renowned artists Ed Castrillo, Michael Cacnio and Ral Arogante. It is displayed and incorporated in the elegant landscape design of artist Tony Leano.

Another curious item in the Jardin de Miramar is the restored Noah’s Ark. Noah’s Ark is an antique wooden fishing boat reconstructed into a play/dining/bar area. And like any work of art in the Jardin de Miramar, this antique boat not only serves as a charming relic that is lovely to look at. It is a hardworking piece of art where guests at the venue can hang out. Indeed, Jardin de Miramar is not only a party venue but also it is a fun filled, living and breathing museum nestled under the canopy of nature.
Apart from Casa Santa Museum and the Galera playground, seven different thematic party venues are available for rent within the grounds of Jardin de Miramar.

For more inquiries, please call:
Phone: 817-1591
Address: 276 San Jose Extension, Brgy. San Isidro, Antipolo
Directions: From Marcos Highway (Masinag Market), turn right to Sumulong Highway then turn left to Circumferential Road (see Jardin signage). Turn left to San Jose Ext. (see Jardin signage on your left). After 50 meters on your right is an orange fence.
Website: www.miramar.com.phOther Contact: miramar@globenet.com.ph

Sunday, November 18, 2007

My Poor Little Sam

My little girl is having a cold symptoms today. Dunno where she got it. Maybe it's because of our very unpredictable weather condition here in the Phils. It's really humid and rainy season is still very in though Christmas is already fast approaching. She's also slightly feverish. Already administered her with paracetamol & cold meds. Inspite of her sickness, she's still very active and playful and doesn't mind her runny nose...haha! hays... =(

runny nose

still hyper and playful

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Halloween 2007

Its time for Halloween! Time for trick or treat, Halloween parties, greeting cards, spooky fun, broomsticks and cauldron. The witches are back, and so is the fun. Too bad, i wasn't able to give these really fun experience to my lil' Sam inspite of numerous invitations.

Though she missed the actual Treat or tricking thing, I still let her experience the fun of wearing these cute halloween costumes. The Pirate one comes in a set already excluding the boots. At first she don't want to wear this, maybe because of the skull print on the belt. But after reminding her the "Pirate Adventure" episode of Dora, she instantly recalls the scenes & immediately allowed me to wear it into her and she loved it! The Wingless Fairy was from her old flower girl gown that she wore last year from a friend's wedding. Actually, she already outgrown this one. The zipper at the back won't close na..haha! It's only supported by the string attached to the sleeve. And btw, it's not the original color. I only digitally adjusted the color tone to match her furry pink headband. The tiny wand was only a borrowed from one of her dolls..hehe, my poor lil'Sam The last one, the Ballerina was a gift from her grandma. She wants to enroll kasi her grandchild to a ballet class in the future. I just matched it with her previous furry headband, a white stocking that she used from a wedding recently, and her old but new white shoes (old because i bought it last year pa, it was on sale kasi kaya i grabbed it na..then new because it's still unused)...and whola! an instant ballerina!

It's really nice to see that she carries all the three costumes plus her pumpkin basket. For me, it's not neccessarily to purchased pa a new costume if you can find something from your closet. Just a little creativity will all do the trick! Happy Halloween everybody!

As usual...it's digiscrapping time! Here are some of the Halloween layouts i've made.

layout 1

layout 2

layout 3

layout 4

Happy Halloween everybody!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

A little girl's day out

It's a very fine day that we've decided to bring out Sam and went somewhere with my bro. Good thing it's his day off from work that he were able to go with us and spent a nice time with his niece. As usual we went to Trinoma mall, the nearest mall from our place aside from SM North. We took a few pictures of their improvised garden there and made Sam as our playful model..hehe. The fake bermuda grass looks real and sam really did a lot of jumping & running and non-stop gigling. Just be careful and remind your kids not to trip off because they may scratched themselves from the fake grass. We all did have a great time.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Little Friend's Birthday Party

Its "Tita Ayish" secret agenda! haha..Sam & I was invited to attended Aynrand's 7th birthday party held @ Shakey's SM North last Oct. 7, 2007. We also called this event as our mini eyeball for all the stage moms of Irish..hehe I was able to meet at last some of mommy online friends like Nina (mom of Phil & Jian), Joy (mom of Vodka) and Jen ( mom of Jhyl & Jermaine). We did had a great time but lesser time for chikahan because our attention was to look over our kidos. Thanks so much to Irish (naks!) for this very wonderful time that some of us, the stage mommies were able to gather & meet up. Looking forward to have another get together with you guys & hopefully, we can add up & invite more stage moms/online moms to join us for a cup of vanilla latte (my fave) and a tall choco frap for the kids..haha! Sayang nga coz im no longger connected with the company (Starbucks) for a discount sana!...

Aynrand (the birthday girl, tallest cutie at the center) flanked with her online buddies: Vodka, Jhyll, Sam, Jian and Phil

Sam with her Tita Ayish beside the celebrant's beautiful Strawberry Shortcake themed birthday cake

The Stagemoms: Me with my Sam, Mommy Joy (mom of Vodka), Mommy Jen (mom of Jhyll & Jermaine) and Mommy Nina (mom to siblings Jian & Phil)! With Joan (birthday girl's beautiful mom), Tin (Asst. Photo Editor of Smart Parenting mag), Irish (best stylist of SP...naks! haha) and a couple of friends.

To see more of the birthday pics, click here.

An Aspiring Photographer

This was taken last month (october 2007). It was a very fine afternoon & don't have nothing to do plus Sammy doesn't want to take her afternoon nap. I decided to grab my cam & turn on my "Mamarazzi" mode once again!..lolz! She really loves to pose in front of the camera anytime & anywhere. I was inpired from her photoshoot before (magazine appearance) that's much better to have the shots taken as stolen for it to become more natural. Greeneries such as grass, plant with flowers & tress are excellent background for kids photos as well. Unfortunately i don't have a very attractive garden. Oh well, the mini photoshoot (just for me only..hehe!) turned out okay. I can't wait to have my own dslr someday!

Date Archived: October 2007

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Friday, October 5, 2007

2nd timer Flower Girl

Sam had her 2nd chance to become a flower girl again last October 5, 2007. The first one was the wedding of my very good friends, Mai & Chad, who were also my colleagues before wayback my Starbucks era..hehe! She's just turnng 2 then. This one was the wedding of my brother in-law's very close friend. The motiff of the wedding were colors orange & yellow. I find the colors a little common at first, the time when they had the measurement of Sam. But when i saw the finished gown , oh wow!..we're all astound!..lol! It's very lovely & I really liked the design. Plus adding the fairy wings and the flower basket and head dress, my little girl turned into a little fairy princess! She's so gorgeous! She really enjoyed wearing it!

We just had a small challange with her during the make-up part. She's not allowing anyone to fix her hair & make-up except me & her titas. If i just know how to do the hairdo (tied back with so many swirls), why not i'll do it by myself. And the make up is just easy to apply. But after making a couple of bolas and saw the other flower girls being fixed, she finally gave in. Tantrums came in when it's time to walk down the isle...ayayay! The ceremony was delayed by almost an hour. The entourage especially the kids felt tired already because of the long wait. Sam don't want to cooperate & refuses to walk alone. She's already sleepy & hungry. I just bought some snack but she already consumed it. I have no choice but to walk with her. She had a great time that day though a little exhausted. Another treasured experienced of her childhood.

digiscrap 1


Archived: October 5, 2007

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Unleash your Creativity

I started to try my hands at digital scrapbook designing just last month. I know about scrapbooking thing but not into it. I just don't have the time to go out and buy those necessary kits needed, though I really want to try. So one time while doing my usual surfing, i got into this digiscrapping site. So upon checking the page, i saw these different kits like papers, bottons, ribbons etc., that are free to download. But still didn't catch my attention yet. Until i clicked the galleries...whoa!! i was stunned by those awesome layouts made from those unattractive kits! I was instantly hooked up to these new hobby and I can tell you guys...it's very addicting! In a way, relaxing for me too. All you need to have is a photo editing software (i recommend Photoshop), a basic knowledge of course in photo editing and a lot of creativity. Since I'm into collage making, I am really excited about this new hobby, as it is something I can do more at home with my daughter.

Really a great diversion for me to be able to do something creative yet keep the house somewhat clean and of course taking care of my little one...and oh btw, mind you guys..I'm a full-time mom! Full-time as in no helper ( i had before, but latter decided to pursue her college degree), no yayas (well, let me say..I'm just not that comfortable), no parents (already based in US,hayys...missed them na nga eh), nor in-laws, no hubby (because he's working outside the country as well) involved to help me around!..haha!..yet i can still manage to have these pastime pa...imagine that?..lolz! Well, i have my brother living with me naman but he's also working. I already mastered the skill of multitasking and very effective na in time-management...haha! Maybe i just missed working back again that's why I'm always keeping myself busy na lang by doing these stuff. And of course the passion to learn and explore this new digital work of arts...i'm so loving it!

Well, it's really abvious that I'm really amused and excited to learn this new hobby. It's not more than a hobby, as what ive said before, it's more on a relaxation part for me. Kaya if a really have a spare time, you can find me in front of my pc, busy working again..haha! Working on my daughter's, family and friend's photos and will surely share them here at my site. If I'm already an expert and have an advance knowledge in this kind of digital craft already, I'm very much willing to share my workings with everybody. Then in the future, maybe i can use this new skill to earn some extra cash..haha! Who knows diba?

What is Digital Scrapping anyway?
In case you are just discovering the world of digital scrapbooking...here is the “condensed” version :) Digi scrapping is basically the same thing as paper scrapping...only you create your layouts on your computer using software. The software varies...from the simple to the super complex...and from the inexpensive to the very expensive. Just like you go to your local scrapbooking store to purchase supplies...computer scrappers go to online stores and purchase their digital supplies (papers, eyelets, tags, ribbons and pretty much everything you would see in a “real” store”). We then use our software to place everything where we see fit on the page...and then have the option to either print...or just let it sit on our hard drive or a CD. Have fun scrapping!

Interested to learn digital scrapbooking?
Click HERE to see the basic step-by-step tutorial on how to create your first layout using Photoshop.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sam's magazine appearance finally out!

pages 68-69

Weeeeh!... the August issue of Smart Parenting magazine is finally out!!! I immediately grabbed a copy & looked right away for my little girl's article from her magazine photoshoot two months ago. Whoa!!!...I'm really astound to see her in a full page widespread two pages glossy magazine! I can't explain what i felt at that very moment. The feeling is overwhelming and I almost cried!..hehe! I'm really really proud of my girl! The article's title is "Why Mom Doesn't Like Me?" It's about a sibling jealousy, the middle child whose very hungry for an attention from her mom. So that why it explains the pouting lips, sad eyebrows & crossed arms act she did when she was ask to do from her photoshoot...haha! Her famous "che" pose is finally out & alredy printed in a glossy leading parenting magazine here in the Philippines. Grab your copy & check her out!!! =)

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Sam's Photoshoot for Smart Parenting Magazine

highlights of my little girl's photoshoot for Smart Parenting magazine

Every mom's dream is to see their kids appearing in a glossy magazine someday. And that dream of mine came to reality on June 6, 2007 when Sam got the opportunity to have photoshoot session with Smart Parenting. The number one parenting magazine here in the Philippines. I was astound when Ms. Irish Torres (naks!) stylish of the said magazine called me & ask me to bring Sam the next day for a photoshoot session. I actually don't know what to answer & I'm really in the state of shock while talking to her...as in oh my gosh!..lol! I just told her that I'll just call her back to check my sched first for confirmation If Sam can make it the next day. But the truth is I'm really in doubt, not to Irish but to my daughter herself! What if's suddenly came in to my mind...what if she don't want to cooperate or what if she show off tantrums in the middle of pictorial!..ayayay!!! I know my daughter very well & she's not very comfortable to be sorrounded by unfamiliar faces. It's really a big challenge for me if ever! But I don't want to missed this big opportunity for her. I decided to pursue the offer (naks parang gagawa na ng movie!..hehe) and called back Irish.

BTW, Sam was only referred to Irish by some of my online mommy friends from friendster whose kids also appeared to their mag. So i know she's really from Summit Media. Call in time was 11am. The very excited mommy me was already out from bed as early as 5am...lol! Hey, i don't want to be late! 1st impression still lasts! Prepared the things needed like clothes, shoes, diaper bag and everything. I woke up Sam by 8am, had her bathe, gave breakfast and milk and already done with her by 9:30am. By quarter to 10 were on our way already to the venue.

The place was somewhere in Araneta Ave. A multi-million house (as in!!!) owned by a friend of Irish who was also a model in profession before. The husband is one of the dealer of Petron company and she herself is a franchise owner of Via Mare (Oh, san ka pa diba!...lol!) I was really amazed on the house, not to mention the top of the line appliances and furnitures, centralized aircon, 3-storey house with I don't know how many bedrooms it has, and most of all their roof top gigantic theater room! As in jaw-drop talaga ko..haha! Anyways, we arrived at the place 3o mins. earlier. I wanted Sam to familiarize first with the place and para less people pa lang. So she'll be at ease na when the mag staff arrives. She really enjoys the place, the centralized aircon was really a big help for her to have a very good mood. She was able to play with some of the kid models that were also already there and they had a great time.

Irish and company arrived on time. Now, here's my greatest fear. When it's time for the hair and make-up, Sam immediately clinged to me and don't want to go with Irish. Whenever Irish attempts to be near on her, she cries!...oh no!!! Even the make up artist had a hard time to bribe her. I volunteered to apply the make-up instead to avoid further dramatic scenes..hehe! Since Irish is very used to these kind of situation, as in all the kid model she handles with these different kind of behavior, she was able to get the attention of Sam. And in an instant, close ever na sila..haha! So the shoot started. Since she's already back in her good mood, I'm still worried and think that what if she suddenly throw off another tantrums and doesn't want to cooperate anymore...oh no!!! So what I did was I really talked to her and told that Tito (the photographer) will take her pictures. Since she's very used to smile in front of the camera, thank god...every shot went on so smoothly. As in she cooperates very well and did all the things that her Tita Irish asked her to do. In the end, Irish told me that the staff were so impressed with Sam. She's really very professional daw, very seldom for a first timer model. I will hear soon from them again daw. Oh wow! another shoot in the future...hehe I'm really really proud of my little girl that she was able to do it! Now I know the feeling of every stage moms out there seeing their child's accomplishments, it's really rewarding. I'm so happy for her and so thankful to Irish beacuse that was a great opportunity for my lil' girl. Now, I can't wait to see the magazine issue. We need to wait for 2 months pa (August) for the mag issu. So excited mommy me! :)

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Family Getaway @ Camayan Beach Resort, Subic Bay

The Camayan Beach Resort is located amidst the exquisite and tranquil ocean and forest of Subic Bay. The Resort is managed by Subic Bay Marine Exploratorium (SBME), Inc., the operator of Ocean Adventure, so you’re guaranteed the same quality of service that you enjoy at our park! This beach was formerly known as Miracle Beach, before SBME assumed management. The beach has been open to the public since December 2002 and two years later, a hotel was built, which opened for service in July 2005. The hotel itself sits near the beach with ocean views from each room. The hotel, beach and other activities are blended into the natural environment. The rooms are decorated in a simple elegance with a natural and local flavor. The rooms feature two queen size beds, cable TV, air conditioning and a ceiling fan. They also have a good size bathroom.

The Camayan Beach Resort provides excellent services that will make your stay relaxing, enjoyable and exciting! Relax in a comfortable cabana, enjoy good food and drinks at the bar and restaurant, learn how to dive, get a relaxing massage and swim or snorkel under the watchful eyes of our beach life guard. The Coral Cove Bar and Grill is a perfect place to enjoy a cool drink and a relaxing meal. The views out across Subic Bay or looking out at the South China Sea are breath taking even more so as the sun sets over the mountains and the Bay. The beach is one of the best in the area and stretches beyond the end of the resort. The size of the beach and it distant location means a less crowded experience and the chance to “sneak off” for a romantic walk. At night, if a guest is lucky and very quiet they might have the rare experience of watching a sea turtle lay its eggs or perhaps be near by when the hatchlings head to the water.

The dive center at Camayan is in an incredible location. Located directly on the beach it is only minutes from some of the areas best dive sites. While none of the dive centers are more than 30 minutes away from all the wrecks and reefs, this center have a number of sites at its front door. The El Capitan is located directly in front of Ocean Adventure, while the LST is also just two or three minutes away, Grande Island with the San Quentin, barges and reef dive sites are just across the small straight. Hidden Beach reef and others are just a kilometer to the south. You can also arrange a dive with the trained whales of Ocean adventure.

At Ocean Adventure you will also get a chance to witness a spectacular display of mammal behavior with the dolphin, false killer whale and sea lion shows staged in open water amidst a beautiful horizon of blue sea and mountain ranges. Ocean Adventure is proud to announce a most exciting program - Dive with the Whales. There’s no other like it in the world. Join their false killer whales in their natural, open water home for a special, intimate, underwater experience you’ll never forget. Your adventure starts with a personalized presentation on the individual whales you’ll be meeting. You’ll learn about their behavior, physiology, and abilities. We’ll describe their physical characteristics and individual personalities so you become an instant expert on identifying each animal. Then it’s on to the lagoon for your 30 minute interaction with the whales. You’ll touch them, swim with them, explore their underwater world together, and appreciate how gentle and playful they truly are. When you resurface you’ll pose with the whales and get one final hug, all captured on film for a lasting memory. So, make your reservations today, and dive right in. The whales are waiting!

I can highly recommend this place if you want your getaway to be somewhat private and relaxing for the whole family and at the same time a truly enjoyable and unforgetable trip for the kids. Rather than going to some crowded, noisy and annoying beach resorts. Ocean Adventure is a wondrous way to spend the day. If time permits, you can also drop by to Zoobic Safari which is just along the forest of Subic bay and is just along the way.

Click HERE to see more of our Subic adventure!

The resort is located at:
Camayan Wharf
West Ilanin Forest Area
Subic Bay Freeport Zone 2222

For more information and reservations: Call Camayan Beach Resort at (047) 252 8000 or the Manila Sales Office at (02) 638 2281 - 82 or 633 4185

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A magical experience @ Enchanted Kingdom!

This was my fourth to fifth times i think to be in this well-known theme park in the Phils. The park is still in its best shape and still filled with those heart-pumping rides like Anchores Away and the ultimate Space Shuttle and some more additional rides to try. And not to mention those park entertainers dressed-up in different costumes wandering around the park as you feel like your in hollywood. I just noticed that the park's interior should already needs a paint job. Those colorful walls & whitish park floor is already fading. But then, this place is still a hit especially for the kids. Thousands of people are still heading south of Manila to spend a day of fun-filled relaxation and adventurous excitement within the American-style walls of the Enchanted Kingdom, a 17-hectare theme park located in the outskirts of Sta. Rosa, Laguna (south of Manila).

Enchanted Kingdom, a short five-minute ride from the Sta. Rosa Tollgate of South Luzon Expressway, brings the closest version of Disney-type leisure in the country. The theme park, managed and operated by Amtrust Leisure Corporation (ALC), offers thrilling rides like Grand Carousel, Flying Fiesta, Rialto, Space Shuttle, Log Jam, Wheel of Fate, Condor, Up Up and Away, Roller Coaster, Anchors Away, Dodgem, Stone Eggs, Air Pterodactyl, Swan boats, and Bump n Splash.

Aside from the rides, the Enchanted Kingdom also charms its visitors with various treats such as the fireworks show every weekend, dance presentation by the park’s in-house talents, theater shows, seasonal shows, well-manicured gardens, classic American brownstone facades and establishments, and a variety of characters and mascots led by the Wizard.The Enchanted Kingdom is about 26 kilometers from Makati City or about an hour travel by car. A point-to-point bus shuttle service is available from Makati City to the Enchanted Kingdom and back. Seats are on a first-come-first-served basis.

Click here for more info about rates and schedules.

And here to check out our EK family photo album.

Contact EK:
Enchanted Kingdom Inc.,
G/F Tropical Palms Condominium,
103 dela Rosa St., Legaspi Village,
Makati City 1226
Telephone Numbers: (632) 830-2111 to 17
Email: epark@pacific.net.ph

Monday, April 16, 2007

8 Waves Waterpark, San Rafael Bulacan

One of the best resort within the vicinity of Bulacan. Sam enjoyed the kiddie pools as well as the different waves from the wave pool. The manmade water wave is really realistic, you can really feel like you're experiencing a real waves at the sea. This resort is very ideal for family especially for kids that enjoys very much.It's really an experience to remember and we'll sure to come back.This waterpark resort started with a dream of the owners way back in 1998 to offer to the community a place where the family could get together more often while having leisure and fun. The concept of a leisure park that would be very affordable to all people of different walks of life which its facilities would be at par with the international standards of providing recreation to the family.

Indeed from the very beginning, the management has been very optimistic on providing every guest an "experience"- such experience to be noted as "unique" in the sense that he/she would feel not only satisfied but as well as delighted everytime he or she leaves the place. From the Noah’s Arc at the kiddie pool, to the Neptune’s Diner, every guest is promised an unforgettable experience. From the imaginative minds of eight (8) managers/co-owners of the Corporation - The young, talented, dynamic descendants of the owners, and from the regular tedious meetings of board members for almost a year and a half has finally materialized, 8 Waves Waterpark was conceived in July, 2000 in the province of Bulacan, in the town of San Rafael. Surely, every BulakeƱo will be proud of 8 Waves Waterpark - the biggest wave pool attraction in the country today.

8 Waves waterpark has been called "8 Waves" for two (2) reasons: (1) the Owner has 8 children, and , (2) the Main Attraction - The Wave Pool - creates "8 Kinds of Waves" namely:
Diamond Waves
Vertical Waves
Single Rolling Waves
Double Rolling Waves
Inverted Waves
Right Diagonal Waves
Left Diagonal Waves

Amenities and Features
8 Waves Waterpark offers different amenities and features for guests satisfaction. These are the following:
2, 788.52 Sq. m. Wave pool, 469.87 Sq. m. Kiddie pool with Noah’s Ark slide, Lap pool, Three (3) Hydro-jet Bubble pools, Foodcourt (Neptune’s Diner), Function Hall, 9-hole Mini-golf, Volleyball Court, 2 Hectares of parking area, Billiards,
Playground, Souvenir Shop, Clinic, Spacious Bamboo huts, steel cottages & Pool umbrellas.
Address D.R.T. Highway, UlingaoSan Rafael, BulacanPhilippines 3008
Phone (+63) (44) 766-5268 / 766-5936 Telefax (+63) (44) 766-5272
Manila Line: (02) 299-8234 Manila Telefax: (02) 742- 0063
Visit http://www.8waveswaterpark.com.ph/index.php for the waterpark sked and rates, hotel rates (for overnight stay-in) and reservations.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sam's Adventure Day @ Fun Ranch, Tiendesitas

Another exciting place to visit with your kids. This place is called Fun Ranch Center (beside Tiendesitas) where kids definitely rule! An entire compound built for them where they can play, shop, eat and have a spa massage. It is fast becoming the cool place to spend family time or celebrate kids birthday. Highly recommendable with two thumbs up!

We visited the place last summer during Mike annual home vacation. Sam really enjoys the Fun Ranch and you can definitely see the happiness on her face after the trip. It is best to visit here during the weekdays to avoid the kids crowd on weekends. It is 50% operational and the best places are the Active Fun play area and Little Lambs Spa. Of course, every kids center have the usual kiddie traps in the form of the fun rides such as the merry go round and carousel rides, game centers, and junk foods which we usually avoid to give our daughter. Also, there's a Big Red Barn restaurant which was built with kids and family. Overall, wonderful place for kids and I do hope they are able to maintain it. Thanks to my online buddy Nina Acuna for the tip on this place. I do hope to meet you again and our other online mommy friends with the kids in Fun Ranch one of these days :)

Some tips for the best Fun Ranch Experience
1. Play with your kids @ Active Fun. For kids less than 3 years old, it should be accompanied by a yaya/ a parent (for free).
2. Socks are a must! (for the kids and the parent :)
3. Schedule a Kiddie Massage Spa before you play. This is definitely a must! All kids love this.
4. Go on a Weekday. Little Lambs have a promo discount during weekdays. Avoid the Kids crowd.
5. Bring Extra Shirts. (for the kids and the parent :)
6. Spend 3 hours in this order: Active Fun Play Center -- Little Lambs Spa -- Big Red Barn Resto
7. Prepare a budget of P500/ kid for the entire experience.
8. Don't forget to bring your camera and take fun shots :)

More of Sam's Fun Ranch exciting experience HERE.
Contact Info.
Active Fun - 3965291
Fun Ranch - 6340067Big
Red Barn - 3965237

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

1st timer Flower Girl Dec. 2006

This was the wedding of a very good friend of mine & a former colleague from my work before. I can't remember where was the church & clubhouse location where they had the reception...hehe, this was on 2006 pa kasi and i can't even locate the wedding invitation! Hays! Sam was barely 2 years old pa lang here. She really gave me a hard time on this one..haha! She cried almost the entire church ceremony & refused to walk down th isle..arrgh!..lol! Kaya we weren't able to have got a good shot of her. She just want to play with her ate Keisha, the other flower girl and don't even want to be seated along with the rest of the entourage...ayayay! =)

with keisha, the other flower girl

the wedding entourage

my former starbucks colleagues

Click HERE for more photos.