Wednesday, January 31, 2007

1st timer Flower Girl Dec. 2006

This was the wedding of a very good friend of mine & a former colleague from my work before. I can't remember where was the church & clubhouse location where they had the reception...hehe, this was on 2006 pa kasi and i can't even locate the wedding invitation! Hays! Sam was barely 2 years old pa lang here. She really gave me a hard time on this one..haha! She cried almost the entire church ceremony & refused to walk down th isle..arrgh!! Kaya we weren't able to have got a good shot of her. She just want to play with her ate Keisha, the other flower girl and don't even want to be seated along with the rest of the entourage...ayayay! =)

with keisha, the other flower girl

the wedding entourage

my former starbucks colleagues

Click HERE for more photos.

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