Monday, January 29, 2007

Sam's 2nd Birthday Party

Sam really loves Dora & Barney. Since she's a girl, i decided to give her a Dora party instead...and a little bit of Barney on her cake na lang..hehe. Sam celebrated her 2nd birthday on January 28, 2007 with the family...minus her dad (who always missed her actual birthdate) and some of her Ninongs and Ninangs and a few family friends. I decorated the house with dora theme party needs like the ballons, birthday banner, party hats, confettis, paper cups & plates, napkins (all themed dora party needs available at all department store, toy section nationwide) and the dora mylar ballons which i personally bought somewhere in divisoria. I prepared a simple lootbags for the kiddie guests loaded with assorted goods. I also did most of the cookings like the usual home cooked Spaghetti, hotdogs on sticks, pork shanghai, my special menudo, and fruit salad. My in-laws brought bbq & scrumptious lechon. Sam enjoyed her party though a little bit cranky at first. She refuses to take her morning nap that's why she got really irritated na during the party, plus adding some unfamiliar faces pa inside the house..haha! But when it's time for the cake blowing and saw her beautiful cake, the glow in her face instantly appears! Everyone sang her happy birthday & she finally blew her birthday cake. Everyone had a great time. She can't wait to open all her birthday presents!..haha! Happy 2nd birthday my dearly Sam!

her beautiful birthday cake!

Date Archived: January 28, 2007

Click HERE for more of her 2nd birthday pics!

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Eileen said...

Hi sis,

May I know who made Sam's cake and where did you buy the Barney figurines? I'm preparing for my son's 2nd birthday and the theme is Barney. Thanks! :)