Friday, January 26, 2007

A Day At The Zoo

We wanted Sam to be familiar with different wild animals, and the first thing that came in our mind was to bring her to Manila Zoo. I still remember visiting this place with my family when i was just little. Few decades had passed, don't ask how many..hehe! and i can see that the zoo really needs a lot of renovation since it's one of the pioneer zoos here in the Philippines. The facilites are really old & thorough maintenance should be done. Even some of the animals should be extra taken care off. Some are already old & others look sick. The smell around the cage of some really stinks, and nakakdismaya talaga. Maybe because the water supply is also limited.

On the brighter side, kids can run & play around because of it's wide outdoor sorrounding area. With all those tall tress and plants, you can really relax and unwined while the kids plays, just stay away from those stinky! The playground looks ok and safe for the kids and they provide ample benches for resting in all corners of the zoo. You can also rent a boat for an amazing round trip to their lagoon. I have so many complaints before when we visit this zoo almost two years from now..hehe! but hopefully they already did some restoration these days kasi syang talaga yung place. Hope the owner or the governement figures this huge problem and provide enough budget for the preservation of this zoo. Oh well, at least Sam enjoyed looking at those animals and really had a great day. =)

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