Saturday, January 27, 2007

Dora's Sing A-long Musical Show 2006

It was a very fun and exciting experience for Sam watching Dora & Boots live performance @ Glorietta mall last December of 2006. We've planned to watch the first day show and really woke up as early as possible to bring Sam but still we came in late (were from Nova going to Makati...hello traffic?..hehe) & the morning show was over. Good thing there was an afternoon show according to the organizers there so we decided to stay for a while & wait for it. Because I really wanted my Sam to see Dora & Boots' show and enjoy her day. To my surprise the morning crowd doubled in the afternoon & still unfortunate because we didn't get a better seat to watch the show. The free tickets were given out already to the early birds as what the other parents said...oh men!...arrgh! Since most of the people staying in the entertainment hall, we took the chance to find a better view on the second floor. We did but we barely see Dora & Boots in the stage plus the big back draft that blocks the it. I know Sam still recognized Dora because of the voice and the music.

Still a disparate mommy me to give my daughter her most awaited show..hehe I decided to come back the next day for the 2nd day show. I called my in-laws and asked them if we can sleep over at their place because its in manila & just near Glorietta. The next morning, i really woke up early & reminded my sis-in-laws that we need to be in the mall before it opens. We arrived at Glorietta 9am early (mall opens at 10am) and already saw this long line of parents & kids from different corners of the Phils...hehe!.. in front of the main entrance of the mall! So we immediately fall in line and let my sis in-law to take care of Sam for the mean time. Because kawawa naman ang mga kids promise kung isasama sa pila...from the heat & noise and if parang concert talaga ni Bionce..LOL!

The crowd are getting annoyed already because there's no system & no ones in charge outside..but just the guards. Some of the parents are talking bad things na because the line is getting terrible and heavier and dami na ngang sumisingit. Upon the opening of the main entrance, everybody runs to their feet as fast as they can..including me...hehe! to approach the ticket booth of the entertainment hall. I just let my sis-in laws to look over Sam & don't run na. In the ticketing booth, it's another blockbuster line again...waaah! because some people came from the different entrance of the Glorietta mall pala which has 4 entrance gate(G1, G2, G3 & G4). Hays, imbis na mainis ako..i found myself laughing na lang...hhaha! I'm really a Mom because i cant imagine that im doing these things like running & almost make away to other parents just for tha sake of giving my dearly baby girl the benifit of watching her favorite cartoon character live! Not only the mommies, even the Daddies running like crazy to grab that precious ticket for their kids. Other daddies even joked that Dora can't make it...and her wife asked why?...nawawala daw si Map!...hahaha! it's really funny seeing those daddies also mastered the names of their kids fave cartoon characters.

So finally i got the tickets for us in time for the morning show. We did got a better view at least. Bought breakfast because we didn't eat yet and wait the show to start. I really saw the big smile of my Sam when she saw the giant Dora and giant Boots (we know naman how small they are in tv) appeared on the stage and started a wonderful musical entrance. Sam dances and sing with them and clapped her hands almost non-stop..haha! She really enjoys the show and seeing some more of the characters like Swiper the Fox and the Big Red Chicken and the amazing dance steps of the back up's truly a great show! I cant remember how long it lasted. After the show, i know we've got this big chance of having a very nice photoshoot with Dora & Boots. Too bad, the slot for this very precious pictorial were only given out to those earliest birds daw kaya limited lang nakakakuha ng ticket according to the organizers there... which i really didn't agreed!. From the aura of those lucky parents & kids (class A & B families & VIP's of Rustans i think) i just can't imagine that they'll have the eagerness to go to the mall at an earlier time (pardon me, im not against them) and make siksik with other parents & run like crazy. I just think that maybe they were just invited or already called earlier and reserved the seats and slot for the photoshoot....hmmp!..lolz!

Oh well, im already contented that i was able to give the chance of giving Sam one of her most unforgettable, fun & happy childhood experience (that's if she still remembers this until she grows up...haha! she's just turning two during that time). The photos will just reminds her of how crazy her mom was..haha! and this awesome event the she'll surely treasure for the rest of her life.

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