Saturday, November 3, 2007

Halloween 2007

Its time for Halloween! Time for trick or treat, Halloween parties, greeting cards, spooky fun, broomsticks and cauldron. The witches are back, and so is the fun. Too bad, i wasn't able to give these really fun experience to my lil' Sam inspite of numerous invitations.

Though she missed the actual Treat or tricking thing, I still let her experience the fun of wearing these cute halloween costumes. The Pirate one comes in a set already excluding the boots. At first she don't want to wear this, maybe because of the skull print on the belt. But after reminding her the "Pirate Adventure" episode of Dora, she instantly recalls the scenes & immediately allowed me to wear it into her and she loved it! The Wingless Fairy was from her old flower girl gown that she wore last year from a friend's wedding. Actually, she already outgrown this one. The zipper at the back won't close na..haha! It's only supported by the string attached to the sleeve. And btw, it's not the original color. I only digitally adjusted the color tone to match her furry pink headband. The tiny wand was only a borrowed from one of her dolls..hehe, my poor lil'Sam The last one, the Ballerina was a gift from her grandma. She wants to enroll kasi her grandchild to a ballet class in the future. I just matched it with her previous furry headband, a white stocking that she used from a wedding recently, and her old but new white shoes (old because i bought it last year pa, it was on sale kasi kaya i grabbed it na..then new because it's still unused)...and whola! an instant ballerina!

It's really nice to see that she carries all the three costumes plus her pumpkin basket. For me, it's not neccessarily to purchased pa a new costume if you can find something from your closet. Just a little creativity will all do the trick! Happy Halloween everybody!

As's digiscrapping time! Here are some of the Halloween layouts i've made.

layout 1

layout 2

layout 3

layout 4

Happy Halloween everybody!

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