Sunday, December 23, 2007

Barney... Let's Imagine Tour in Manila 2007

Sam finally watched her most awaited Barney show today, 11am @ Araneta Coliseum. We arrived @ the big dome almost past 11 because of heavy and irritating traffic. I'm so worried because I thought we'll gonna be late for the show and will missed something. I even texted Nina if the show actually starts on time, you know american time since the performers and the Barney mascots were all foreigner. Glad that they had this almost 30 mins grace period allowance for the late comers and we didn't missed anything. We did had a very nice spot though it's not on the VIP's, Sam can still see Barney clearly. I was able to sneak in my bro's digicam and gave in my own as a trap for the guards...thanks for the tip sis Nins!...hehe =) I just don't get it and can't see the reason why they're not allowing the cameras inside the show. Hello! it's a kiddie show and they should expect that the crowd includes a bunch of kids and a very excited parents who will not allow to missed the chance to catch this wonderful moments of their kids with their favorite TV idol. They're so mean!...hahaha! But then I was still able to sneak in my bro's digicam..hehe! Oh well, there's really no impossible to a mamarazzi like us..mommies!! I was able to meet in person also my very good online mommy friend, Mommy AC and her cutie Alyssa for the first time. This kind of kiddie gatherings are the best chance to meet our online buddies. Just like me, I was able to meet new friends thru different community online who are also mommies like me and shares a common interests as a mom. I'm really glad that i finally met some of them and our connection is not just only thru online but hopefully, a new friendship to last. The kids really had a great time watching the show and so did we, the mommies! =)

The show, that runs from December 19 to 23 at the Araneta Coliseum, had everyone’s favorite purple dinosaur embark on a magical journey with his Ideas Factory leading the way. With their human friends Daniel, Ethan, Madison and Taylah, Barney and his prehistoric allies Baby Bop, BJ and Riff (Barney’s cousin who makes his stage debut in this all-new musical) set off to test the limits of their imagination. There was a lot of dancing and music in the show, and issues on the environment, healthy eating habits and the benefits of teamwork were tackled, too. Sam enjoyed watching Cousin Riff find an entire marching band in the machine, sang with Baby Bop and flew high with BJ as he takes the plane on his journey.

Let’s Imagine Live—The Philippine Tour not only features the songs from the TV show that Barney’s fans have grown to love but a handful of new songs that will be presented for the first time. Enhancing the kid-friendly tone of the production are the use of multimedia imagery, live actors (including four dancers who play various characters ranging from fruits and vegetables to musical instruments to trees), giant inflatable props and the stage debut of Barney’s cousin Riff who loves music and tinkering with various objects. Since Barney’s debut in 1988, the lovable T-Rex (who is actually 200 million years old) has brightened the day for millions of children worldwide. And for this Philippine Tour this Christmas, Barney will continue to weave their magic and spread comfort and joy to Filipino kids. Tickets ranges from P1575 Reserved seating for VIP's to P525 Upper box free seating.

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