Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas 2007

It's the most wonderful time of the year...definitely especially for the kids. A family celebration that i've been missing almost every year since the day that most of my family members need to leave & work abroad. I missed them very much! My parents & my partner. I'm so envious to some of you who really managed to gather all your family members to be together and celebrate as one happy family this wonderful season. With the parents (lolo & lola) with you, some relatives, the kids and of course your better half. I really missed those moments. Oh well, at least I have my little girl with me and my bro to rejoice the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. I still thanked "him" for all the wonderful blessings he had given to me & my family. We just had a simple dinner but didn't have the usual "Noche Buena" na because Sam is already fast asleep.

Sam just enjoyed opening her christmas gifts the next morning. She just had few unlike last year that she really had a lot. And because some are still to follow from my in-laws, they'll try to visit this coming new year. And some from her Ninongs & Ninangs. And maybe because "nanawa" na din ako to buy her some more toys. I just spent most for her clothes na lang. Merry Christmas everyone!

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