Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sam meets Santa!

After the Barney show, we took the chance for Sam to meet & greet Santa Clause @ the Gateway mall. We had our lunch first and stroll around the mall after while waiting for Santa for the 3:00pm sched. There's only few kids & parents waiting @ the upper ground floor, activity area of the Gateway mall where Santa will have the meet & greet thing. When Santa arrived, everybody looked astound including me...hehe, because he really looked like the real one that we see in TV. The big fat guy who has a long white curly hair, big tummy, rosy cheeks, big blue eyes with a pair of eyeglasses and wearing a santa suit. I thought Sam will get scared to get near on him, but she's not. She even say "hi Santa" with a waiving hand when she saw him. She's really excited especially when it's our turn to meet & greet him. She allows Santa to pick her up & sat her on his lap for the picture taking. I'm simply proud of my little girl! And very thankful to Santa for the great opportunity to meet him though he's not the real one, he made lots of kids happy.=)

Click HERE for more pics.

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