Thursday, June 7, 2007

Sam's Photoshoot for Smart Parenting Magazine

highlights of my little girl's photoshoot for Smart Parenting magazine

Every mom's dream is to see their kids appearing in a glossy magazine someday. And that dream of mine came to reality on June 6, 2007 when Sam got the opportunity to have photoshoot session with Smart Parenting. The number one parenting magazine here in the Philippines. I was astound when Ms. Irish Torres (naks!) stylish of the said magazine called me & ask me to bring Sam the next day for a photoshoot session. I actually don't know what to answer & I'm really in the state of shock while talking to in oh my gosh!! I just told her that I'll just call her back to check my sched first for confirmation If Sam can make it the next day. But the truth is I'm really in doubt, not to Irish but to my daughter herself! What if's suddenly came in to my mind...what if she don't want to cooperate or what if she show off tantrums in the middle of pictorial!..ayayay!!! I know my daughter very well & she's not very comfortable to be sorrounded by unfamiliar faces. It's really a big challenge for me if ever! But I don't want to missed this big opportunity for her. I decided to pursue the offer (naks parang gagawa na ng movie!..hehe) and called back Irish.

BTW, Sam was only referred to Irish by some of my online mommy friends from friendster whose kids also appeared to their mag. So i know she's really from Summit Media. Call in time was 11am. The very excited mommy me was already out from bed as early as! Hey, i don't want to be late! 1st impression still lasts! Prepared the things needed like clothes, shoes, diaper bag and everything. I woke up Sam by 8am, had her bathe, gave breakfast and milk and already done with her by 9:30am. By quarter to 10 were on our way already to the venue.

The place was somewhere in Araneta Ave. A multi-million house (as in!!!) owned by a friend of Irish who was also a model in profession before. The husband is one of the dealer of Petron company and she herself is a franchise owner of Via Mare (Oh, san ka pa diba!!) I was really amazed on the house, not to mention the top of the line appliances and furnitures, centralized aircon, 3-storey house with I don't know how many bedrooms it has, and most of all their roof top gigantic theater room! As in jaw-drop talaga ko..haha! Anyways, we arrived at the place 3o mins. earlier. I wanted Sam to familiarize first with the place and para less people pa lang. So she'll be at ease na when the mag staff arrives. She really enjoys the place, the centralized aircon was really a big help for her to have a very good mood. She was able to play with some of the kid models that were also already there and they had a great time.

Irish and company arrived on time. Now, here's my greatest fear. When it's time for the hair and make-up, Sam immediately clinged to me and don't want to go with Irish. Whenever Irish attempts to be near on her, she cries!...oh no!!! Even the make up artist had a hard time to bribe her. I volunteered to apply the make-up instead to avoid further dramatic scenes..hehe! Since Irish is very used to these kind of situation, as in all the kid model she handles with these different kind of behavior, she was able to get the attention of Sam. And in an instant, close ever na sila..haha! So the shoot started. Since she's already back in her good mood, I'm still worried and think that what if she suddenly throw off another tantrums and doesn't want to cooperate anymore...oh no!!! So what I did was I really talked to her and told that Tito (the photographer) will take her pictures. Since she's very used to smile in front of the camera, thank god...every shot went on so smoothly. As in she cooperates very well and did all the things that her Tita Irish asked her to do. In the end, Irish told me that the staff were so impressed with Sam. She's really very professional daw, very seldom for a first timer model. I will hear soon from them again daw. Oh wow! another shoot in the future...hehe I'm really really proud of my little girl that she was able to do it! Now I know the feeling of every stage moms out there seeing their child's accomplishments, it's really rewarding. I'm so happy for her and so thankful to Irish beacuse that was a great opportunity for my lil' girl. Now, I can't wait to see the magazine issue. We need to wait for 2 months pa (August) for the mag issu. So excited mommy me! :)

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