Saturday, April 21, 2007

Family Getaway @ Camayan Beach Resort, Subic Bay

The Camayan Beach Resort is located amidst the exquisite and tranquil ocean and forest of Subic Bay. The Resort is managed by Subic Bay Marine Exploratorium (SBME), Inc., the operator of Ocean Adventure, so you’re guaranteed the same quality of service that you enjoy at our park! This beach was formerly known as Miracle Beach, before SBME assumed management. The beach has been open to the public since December 2002 and two years later, a hotel was built, which opened for service in July 2005. The hotel itself sits near the beach with ocean views from each room. The hotel, beach and other activities are blended into the natural environment. The rooms are decorated in a simple elegance with a natural and local flavor. The rooms feature two queen size beds, cable TV, air conditioning and a ceiling fan. They also have a good size bathroom.

The Camayan Beach Resort provides excellent services that will make your stay relaxing, enjoyable and exciting! Relax in a comfortable cabana, enjoy good food and drinks at the bar and restaurant, learn how to dive, get a relaxing massage and swim or snorkel under the watchful eyes of our beach life guard. The Coral Cove Bar and Grill is a perfect place to enjoy a cool drink and a relaxing meal. The views out across Subic Bay or looking out at the South China Sea are breath taking even more so as the sun sets over the mountains and the Bay. The beach is one of the best in the area and stretches beyond the end of the resort. The size of the beach and it distant location means a less crowded experience and the chance to “sneak off” for a romantic walk. At night, if a guest is lucky and very quiet they might have the rare experience of watching a sea turtle lay its eggs or perhaps be near by when the hatchlings head to the water.

The dive center at Camayan is in an incredible location. Located directly on the beach it is only minutes from some of the areas best dive sites. While none of the dive centers are more than 30 minutes away from all the wrecks and reefs, this center have a number of sites at its front door. The El Capitan is located directly in front of Ocean Adventure, while the LST is also just two or three minutes away, Grande Island with the San Quentin, barges and reef dive sites are just across the small straight. Hidden Beach reef and others are just a kilometer to the south. You can also arrange a dive with the trained whales of Ocean adventure.

At Ocean Adventure you will also get a chance to witness a spectacular display of mammal behavior with the dolphin, false killer whale and sea lion shows staged in open water amidst a beautiful horizon of blue sea and mountain ranges. Ocean Adventure is proud to announce a most exciting program - Dive with the Whales. There’s no other like it in the world. Join their false killer whales in their natural, open water home for a special, intimate, underwater experience you’ll never forget. Your adventure starts with a personalized presentation on the individual whales you’ll be meeting. You’ll learn about their behavior, physiology, and abilities. We’ll describe their physical characteristics and individual personalities so you become an instant expert on identifying each animal. Then it’s on to the lagoon for your 30 minute interaction with the whales. You’ll touch them, swim with them, explore their underwater world together, and appreciate how gentle and playful they truly are. When you resurface you’ll pose with the whales and get one final hug, all captured on film for a lasting memory. So, make your reservations today, and dive right in. The whales are waiting!

I can highly recommend this place if you want your getaway to be somewhat private and relaxing for the whole family and at the same time a truly enjoyable and unforgetable trip for the kids. Rather than going to some crowded, noisy and annoying beach resorts. Ocean Adventure is a wondrous way to spend the day. If time permits, you can also drop by to Zoobic Safari which is just along the forest of Subic bay and is just along the way.

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The resort is located at:
Camayan Wharf
West Ilanin Forest Area
Subic Bay Freeport Zone 2222

For more information and reservations: Call Camayan Beach Resort at (047) 252 8000 or the Manila Sales Office at (02) 638 2281 - 82 or 633 4185

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