Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sam's magazine appearance finally out!

pages 68-69

Weeeeh!... the August issue of Smart Parenting magazine is finally out!!! I immediately grabbed a copy & looked right away for my little girl's article from her magazine photoshoot two months ago. Whoa!!!...I'm really astound to see her in a full page widespread two pages glossy magazine! I can't explain what i felt at that very moment. The feeling is overwhelming and I almost cried!..hehe! I'm really really proud of my girl! The article's title is "Why Mom Doesn't Like Me?" It's about a sibling jealousy, the middle child whose very hungry for an attention from her mom. So that why it explains the pouting lips, sad eyebrows & crossed arms act she did when she was ask to do from her photoshoot...haha! Her famous "che" pose is finally out & alredy printed in a glossy leading parenting magazine here in the Philippines. Grab your copy & check her out!!! =)

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ckm said...

So adorable...even with a pout! I can imagine how proud you are...I have had several proud moments too!