Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Unleash your Creativity

I started to try my hands at digital scrapbook designing just last month. I know about scrapbooking thing but not into it. I just don't have the time to go out and buy those necessary kits needed, though I really want to try. So one time while doing my usual surfing, i got into this digiscrapping site. So upon checking the page, i saw these different kits like papers, bottons, ribbons etc., that are free to download. But still didn't catch my attention yet. Until i clicked the galleries...whoa!! i was stunned by those awesome layouts made from those unattractive kits! I was instantly hooked up to these new hobby and I can tell you's very addicting! In a way, relaxing for me too. All you need to have is a photo editing software (i recommend Photoshop), a basic knowledge of course in photo editing and a lot of creativity. Since I'm into collage making, I am really excited about this new hobby, as it is something I can do more at home with my daughter.

Really a great diversion for me to be able to do something creative yet keep the house somewhat clean and of course taking care of my little one...and oh btw, mind you guys..I'm a full-time mom! Full-time as in no helper ( i had before, but latter decided to pursue her college degree), no yayas (well, let me say..I'm just not that comfortable), no parents (already based in US,hayys...missed them na nga eh), nor in-laws, no hubby (because he's working outside the country as well) involved to help me around!..haha!..yet i can still manage to have these pastime pa...imagine that?..lolz! Well, i have my brother living with me naman but he's also working. I already mastered the skill of multitasking and very effective na in time-management...haha! Maybe i just missed working back again that's why I'm always keeping myself busy na lang by doing these stuff. And of course the passion to learn and explore this new digital work of arts...i'm so loving it!

Well, it's really abvious that I'm really amused and excited to learn this new hobby. It's not more than a hobby, as what ive said before, it's more on a relaxation part for me. Kaya if a really have a spare time, you can find me in front of my pc, busy working again..haha! Working on my daughter's, family and friend's photos and will surely share them here at my site. If I'm already an expert and have an advance knowledge in this kind of digital craft already, I'm very much willing to share my workings with everybody. Then in the future, maybe i can use this new skill to earn some extra cash..haha! Who knows diba?

What is Digital Scrapping anyway?
In case you are just discovering the world of digital is the “condensed” version :) Digi scrapping is basically the same thing as paper scrapping...only you create your layouts on your computer using software. The software varies...from the simple to the super complex...and from the inexpensive to the very expensive. Just like you go to your local scrapbooking store to purchase scrappers go to online stores and purchase their digital supplies (papers, eyelets, tags, ribbons and pretty much everything you would see in a “real” store”). We then use our software to place everything where we see fit on the page...and then have the option to either print...or just let it sit on our hard drive or a CD. Have fun scrapping!

Interested to learn digital scrapbooking?
Click HERE to see the basic step-by-step tutorial on how to create your first layout using Photoshop.

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