Friday, October 5, 2007

2nd timer Flower Girl

Sam had her 2nd chance to become a flower girl again last October 5, 2007. The first one was the wedding of my very good friends, Mai & Chad, who were also my colleagues before wayback my Starbucks era..hehe! She's just turnng 2 then. This one was the wedding of my brother in-law's very close friend. The motiff of the wedding were colors orange & yellow. I find the colors a little common at first, the time when they had the measurement of Sam. But when i saw the finished gown , oh wow!..we're all astound!! It's very lovely & I really liked the design. Plus adding the fairy wings and the flower basket and head dress, my little girl turned into a little fairy princess! She's so gorgeous! She really enjoyed wearing it!

We just had a small challange with her during the make-up part. She's not allowing anyone to fix her hair & make-up except me & her titas. If i just know how to do the hairdo (tied back with so many swirls), why not i'll do it by myself. And the make up is just easy to apply. But after making a couple of bolas and saw the other flower girls being fixed, she finally gave in. Tantrums came in when it's time to walk down the isle...ayayay! The ceremony was delayed by almost an hour. The entourage especially the kids felt tired already because of the long wait. Sam don't want to cooperate & refuses to walk alone. She's already sleepy & hungry. I just bought some snack but she already consumed it. I have no choice but to walk with her. She had a great time that day though a little exhausted. Another treasured experienced of her childhood.

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