Wednesday, October 10, 2007

An Aspiring Photographer

This was taken last month (october 2007). It was a very fine afternoon & don't have nothing to do plus Sammy doesn't want to take her afternoon nap. I decided to grab my cam & turn on my "Mamarazzi" mode once again!..lolz! She really loves to pose in front of the camera anytime & anywhere. I was inpired from her photoshoot before (magazine appearance) that's much better to have the shots taken as stolen for it to become more natural. Greeneries such as grass, plant with flowers & tress are excellent background for kids photos as well. Unfortunately i don't have a very attractive garden. Oh well, the mini photoshoot (just for me only..hehe!) turned out okay. I can't wait to have my own dslr someday!

Date Archived: October 2007

Click HERE to view our mini photoshoot!

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