Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Little Friend's Birthday Party

Its "Tita Ayish" secret agenda! haha..Sam & I was invited to attended Aynrand's 7th birthday party held @ Shakey's SM North last Oct. 7, 2007. We also called this event as our mini eyeball for all the stage moms of Irish..hehe I was able to meet at last some of mommy online friends like Nina (mom of Phil & Jian), Joy (mom of Vodka) and Jen ( mom of Jhyl & Jermaine). We did had a great time but lesser time for chikahan because our attention was to look over our kidos. Thanks so much to Irish (naks!) for this very wonderful time that some of us, the stage mommies were able to gather & meet up. Looking forward to have another get together with you guys & hopefully, we can add up & invite more stage moms/online moms to join us for a cup of vanilla latte (my fave) and a tall choco frap for the kids..haha! Sayang nga coz im no longger connected with the company (Starbucks) for a discount sana!...

Aynrand (the birthday girl, tallest cutie at the center) flanked with her online buddies: Vodka, Jhyll, Sam, Jian and Phil

Sam with her Tita Ayish beside the celebrant's beautiful Strawberry Shortcake themed birthday cake

The Stagemoms: Me with my Sam, Mommy Joy (mom of Vodka), Mommy Jen (mom of Jhyll & Jermaine) and Mommy Nina (mom to siblings Jian & Phil)! With Joan (birthday girl's beautiful mom), Tin (Asst. Photo Editor of Smart Parenting mag), Irish (best stylist of SP...naks! haha) and a couple of friends.

To see more of the birthday pics, click here.

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