Thursday, July 10, 2008

Vote for my Sam's photo @ Jollibee Happy Moments photo contest

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"I think this is the best title that fits my photo entry. As what you can see, she actually said "wow!" when she saw what I got her for her lunch one time we went out for a Jollibee treat. She can't believe her eyes that it's all for her! I, myself is really a Jollibee lover ever since. I even worked as a part-time crew way back in my college years to experience how it feels to become a part of this fast growing fast food chain in the Philippines. And now that I'm a mom already, I can see that my daughter really have this passion for the Jollibee products. From the food, to our ever so loving Jollibee mascots! I can't blame her because the menu is really a kid friendly food. They have lots of choices to choose from. She personally loves the Krispy Fries and the most favorite of 'em all, the Jollibee Chicken Joy! She always insists to dine in @ Jollibee whenever we go out. And even @ home, we sometimes have some deliveries when the Jollibee cravings attack! This is just to prove that Jollibee is a already a part of each Filipino family wherever in the world! Keep up the good work and the passion to provide the best customer service in terms of fast food chain in the world! Congratulations!!! "

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