Friday, July 11, 2008

Skycable Fun Club -- for kids 2-11 years old

If you are a Skycable subscriber and have kids aged 2-11 years old, why not join the Skycable Fun Club?

One of the perks is getting a birthday pack for your child during his birthday month (pictured on the left is the birthday pack for the 3rd quarter of 2008) by being one of the first 50 to call and reserve that particular month. They change the birthday pack every quarter.

Aside from the birthday packs, you get invites to special fun and educational activities like trips to Manila Ocean Park, SM Science Discovery Center, advanced screenings of family-oriented films, and lots more... all for free! Last summer they even had a series of free Trumpets workshops (complete with a final recital and certificates of accomplishment) for kids aged 7-11.

Important Announcement:
KidsCo and Gain School Advance celebrate with SkyCable Fun Club members for a fantastic birthday celebration! July, August and September celebrants get special birthday treats! So hurry! Call 631-0000 to reserve your kids' birthday treats today!
*First 50 celebrants to call

Birthday Treats Guidelines
1. These birthday treats are available only to Fun Club members who are celebrating their birthdays in July, August and September. A total of 50 birthday packs (i.e. Goodie bags with KidsCo and Gain School Advance premium items) are available for reservation and redemption per month. First call, first served.
2. Reservation will only be processed if account is active and current at the time of the call. Likewise, account must be active and current upon redemption
3. Reservation will only be entertained for celebrants of that month. (EG: July celebrants may only call to reserve in July). Advanced reservations are not allowed. The subscriber will be asked to call again on his/her child’s birthday month.
4. Birthday packs may be redeemed from the SkyCable office at the 33F Tektite East Tower, Exchange Rd, Ortigas Center, Pasig, Thursdays and Fridays, 9am-11am and 1pm-5pm.
5. For the complete terms and conditions of the SkyCable Fun Club, click

All these wonderful treats are exclusively available to SkyCable Fun Club members. Your kids not yet part of the coolest kiddie club around? Register now and introduce them into a world of exclusive treats, fun learning and new friends!

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