Sunday, February 10, 2008

My First Designs @ Digitreats

Hey guys, check out my designs @ I'm so overwhelmed that Pam (owner of the digital scrap site) was able to include my works @ her site. Imagine, seeing your own designs at one of the most trusted digiscrap designer on the web! That's really amazing! What makes me more prouder is that she compliments my little works. That's so big time for me hearing a very motivating comment from a PRO that my works are beautiful!!!...whew! It's making more inspired to design more and more!..hehe =) Another thing that's making me happy is the continues downloading of my kits at Plus seeing flooded comments from different digiscrap enthusiast from all corners of the world...It's really inspiring! I'm really happy that they really appreciates my works. Since It's for free, I'm just hoping that my designs would'nt be pirated (yeah, it is also happening in digiscrap online business) and my works are to be claimed by anyone as their own and sell them on the web!!! This is really bad and hopefully this piracy should be stopped!

my textured and printed ABC Skip and Run paper packs

I do hope that this can be the stepping stone for me to enter this online business of digital scrapbooking. Since I'm still just a newbie in designing, I'm giving my kits for free for the meantime. Still need to practice more my skills to come up with a better designs to make some new & beautiful kits. Just need to upgrade my hard disk because it will surely eat a lot of memory space. Not to mention my primitive connection...arrgh!! Im' just annoyed with the available broaddband connections in our country. It's only restricted to a certain area and too bad, our area hasn't yet reached by some of these broadband "nationwide coverage! daw" They are!! haha! For the meantime, need to equip more my skills & hopefully to sell some of my works in different online shop in the future.=)

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