Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Disney On Ice Layout

It's been a while since I made my last layout...whew! busy busy me!..haha! Haven't practicing my scrapping lately because of the recent very busy holiday season. Plus the birthday preps for my little one. But now, everything seems back to normal and I have enough time to digiscrap again...yey! =)

I've been searching online lately for a nice & cute mickey mouse & friends images to use in my DOI layout. There's a lot of cute images but always comes in small sizes. Small jpeg or gif images is not ideal and is really hard to crop because the small pixel count tends to scatter resulting to a very bad & low quality images. High pixel count is really important especially in digiscrapping works. This make the image looks really sharp even in zooming and very ideal for printing. That's why some of you are wondering why the kits always comes in big sizes. A piece of paper can size up to 10mb depending on the print designs & textures. And it always comes in 3600x3600 pixels which is also 12'x12' in size, the ideal size for scrapbooking. Anyway, I just made use of my saved DOI wallpaper image that i've used in my past blog. Just have the images cropped & put some white borders, add a little drop shadow...and whola!...an instant sticker! Here's what I've got for Sam & Juilian's short but priceless moment. =)

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