Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Excited For Our Bora Trip!

Our balikbayan tita is generous enough to treat us (me, sam & my bro) for a 3d/2n getaway this week to one of the famous beaches here in the Phils., the Boracay island. Her inital plans was supposed to bring us at Hongkong to give us especially her grandchild the amazing experince at Disneyland. Too bad beacause Sam's passport is still at process and really can't make it on time. Since we can't go out of the country, we suggested to get domestic instead. Besides, she really wants to visit the beach. Known to be as one of the best beaches in the world. It's our first time to ride an airplane & it's really giving me this mixed emotion. Excited & at the same time scared! What if's scenarios are still lingering into my mind!..haha! The worries doubles because we're bringing my daughter with us. She's only 3 y/o and I'm really praying that everything will be ok from the departure to arrival @ catiklan to a short boating trip to the boracay island and vise versa.

We'll be staying at La Carmela beach hotel. I'm also worried about the reviews I've read about the bad impression of the said hotel. It's too late for us to change our accomodation because the agent already booked us there after he told us that it's a very good and affordable place to stay. Since it's our first time to be in Boracay and we don't have any idea where to stay, we agreed to get the said hotel. My tita already paid all the necessary expenses from the airfare to the hotel so there's really no chances at all :( I'm just wishing that the hotel facilities was already improved, enough to meet our expectations, will be worth enough on what we paid & will not ruin our stay. I'm keeping my finger cross until we get there. One thing is for sure, we'll surely enjoy the powdery white sand of the beach and Sam will be delighted to play in the white sand once again! Oh boy, can't wait to get there! :)

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