Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sam Rocks with Hannah Montana

We were able to watch the "The Hannah Montana /Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds 3D Concert" @ disney channel last June 21. Sam starting to like Hannah after she watched her concert. She really likes the songs and even imitates her move while watching it. A few weeks later while strolling at The Block of Trinoma mall, there's an event about Hannah Montana. They're promoting the said concert and selling different Hannah Montana merchandise as well. I think there was also this application/audition booth for the Hannah Montana singing contest? I'm not sure because I wasn't that interested at all. All I can remember was that the contest is open for little girls ages 6 & up I think. The people from the said event was giving some 3D eyeglasses for the by passers inside the mall. We've got 3 pairs. They remind us to watch for the said Hannah Montana 3d concert on June 21 @ Disney Channel. And we did! i think It is much better to watch it in a big screen tv, mas realslisric for sure and 3d effect. :p

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