Saturday, June 7, 2008

Prizes Galore!

Got na our prizes from the Trinoma contest yesterday morning. After we took some shots beside our huge portrait near the concierge of the mall, we immediately went to the Trinoma admin located at the fourth floor to claime the prizes. The prizes weren't that much but still very thankful to received it. The gift pack from The Body Shop contains a Pink Grapefruit Body Butter & Shower Gel, a box full of Neroli Jasmin shower essentials and scents and The Body Shop Love your Body rewards card. Two Wellness Gift Cards from The Spa worth P1,000 and P1,500 respectively. An Electronic Gift Certificate worth P2,000 from Ayala Malls. They also gave us this little certificate of appreciation for joining the said competition.

It's really funny that the admin has really no idea that the top 3winners were actually friends!...haha! Doc Peachy & Nina were my online friends at first but were able to meet up in person during our kids birthday parties and some other kiddie events. It's just so happen that we all love photography and the contest really inspired us to join without informing each other...hehe! Luckily we landed on the top 3 winners. The size of the portraits are really huge and I'm wondering if they're going to give it to us as well. Blowing a picture that big is really expensive so were hoping they'll give those to us after the exhibit. :p


Nina said...

Hi sis, I contacted Ms. Anne of Trinoma and she said we can pick up our blow -up pics this tuesday!!! Yehey! that would be a great souveneir!

Mommy Vangie said...

really sis?...yebah!!! galing talaga ng convincing powers mo mare!...yehey!!! im wondering tuloy kung kakasya sya sa taxi...hmmm..haha! :p