Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Little Pre-schooler's First Day In School!

I'm very proud of my little Sam because she was able to overcome her shyness by being brave and cooperative on her very first day of school! I thought she would be clingy to me and will refuse me to leave her inside her classroom. Since it's the first day of school, the teachers still allowed us...the parents, to sit-in that's why i was able to shoot and captured some shots.

Teachers started the class with a prayer (that they need to memorize, by the way) followed by singing a couple of nursery rhymes. Then the teachers had this activity about the different animals and asked each of the student to identify some. So proud of Sam because she was able to answer all the questions that her teachers asked her :p Then for the story telling, they were asked to transfer to the other room (with floor matting already, toys, etc.). Sam was so mesmerize with this colorful room..haha! :p This time, parents were no longer allowed inside. But there's still this big window so we can take a peek once in a while. Again, my mamarrazi mode was turned on again!..hehe! The other classroom that they'll be having their formal class will be closed for us. Sam listens very well in the story telling and even tried to answers some questions. The other kids were not listening and just keep on playing at the back. After the story telling and some question & answers activity, It's time to go back to their classroom. But first, they need to identify their own shoes (because they were asked to removed it earlier) and wear it without any help. Good thing Sam was able to identify hers and was even able to put it back on her own. :p When they were asked to return to their classroom, parents were already off limits inside their room! They had their recess and the teachers checked on their things like the required books and other school stuffs. When their class was done, Sam immediately showed me her big Blue Star with a Very Good stamp in her left hand! Of course, I was surprised and really very proud with her very first achievement in school! Don't know what happened inside but I'm sure she did very well. :p

They're more than 10 students in the class with 2 teachers. Actually we still don't have a formal orientation yet, which I know is a must for us...the parents, to know the "what's in it" for our kids. I don't know when will be the schedule for that...arrgh! For now, they'll be having 5 subjects (5 books), a 20 mans recess from their 2 hours class..hehe, PE's on friday and that's it! When i asked the teachers, there's really a schedule for the orientation to discuss some important matters about the things they'll be teaching & what to expect with our kids academics and everything. Tomorrow will be their formal start of school na, so meaning no parents allowed na inside the classroom...huhu! :p... And to tell everybody, Sam is so excited and can't wait to go to her school again!

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