Saturday, June 7, 2008

Exploring Manila Ocean Park

sam really enjoy watching the fishes that swims all over the place

At long last, I'm finally done with this uploading thing...hehe! It took me a while to finish posting our photos from our visit to the newest marine life theme park here in the Phils. The Oceanarium also known as The Manila Ocean Park. On with our tour, taking photographs and videos inside the Oceanarium is allowed, provided no flash or video lights are used so as not to scare the marine animals. Upon entering, guests are given a brochure/map of the complex with brief descriptions of the different sections within.

the six section of the Oceanarium

The Oceanarium journey is divided into six sections and each section will carry a Filipino name: >"Agos"; "Bahura"; "Buhay na Karagatan"; "Pating"; "Ang Kailaliman"; and "Laot". The first section, called Agos (Flow), features a rainforest-theme with eight tanks containing freshwater species. This part of the oceanarium -- the only open area in the facility -- shows the interconnectedness between the water and land. Agos would also feature an artificial waterfall and a touch pool, where children could interact with creatures such as starfish and shrimps. The Bahura or the Reef, would exhibit artificial corals in 48 tanks, complete with their scientific and common names, and their roles in the ecosystem. Laot (Fishing Ground), on the other hand, would feature big fish and Eagle-spotted rays in a long tank. A school of barracudas would be seen swimming in a large tank at the Kalaliman (The Deep) section of the oceanarium. There would also be a shark tank and an overhead aquarium featuring the breathtaking beauty of rays.

After our awesome encounter with the creatures of the deep see, we decided to exit the facility. And besides, we are all starving & hoping to find a snack bar somewhere ouside the big tanks. Sam's water were almost empty and she badly requested for a cold "mamam" already. We were confused at first since there was no clear signs where the exits were until a guard pointed us in the right direction through the restaurant. The place is indeed unfinished since we saw floor tiles that still need to be installed. Even the exit stairs are still rough and if one is not careful, you might trip. The pathway led us through a corridor to the souvenir shop. Even the shop still leaves room to be desired since their selections are too common and not specialized. Most of the items on display bears the Manila Ocean Park "sticker" not imprinted nor embossed. So we just continued on. One more turn and we are back in the Dome.

The whole park may not yet be finished, but having experienced walking through the Oceanarium, I can say that it was worth it even though it's not yet complete. Also, I must add that the tanks need a lot of work. A lot of the artificial reefs and corals are obvious. Nonetheless, I can't wait until they finish the whole complex. I'm looking forward to seeing the marine habitat soon and to try out that glass bottomed boat ride That Sam would surely enjoy. Just a little advise, if you intend to visit the Oceanarium anytime soon, do so on a weekday... please!!! Doing so, you will avoid large crowds which will make your visit a lot more enjoyable especially for the kids. :p

my family in front of the Manila Ocean Park

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