Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Our Photo Exhibit @ Trinoma

our photo exhibit at the 1st floor of trinoma, just near the concierge

Oh wow!...I didn't expect that our winning entries @ Trinoma's Portraits: Mom & I @ Trinoma photo competition will be displayed as big as this!!! I didn't see it by myself yet. It's my brother who told me that he noticed this huge poster-like pictures of me & Sam @ Trinoma mall. I already told him about our winnings in the said photo competiton and ask him to check it if it's already being exhibited @ the mall. To his surprise, he was also amazed to see the size!...haha! When he told me about it, I assumed that maybe it's the grand prize winner (doc peachy with banky) is the only one that is being displayed in that size. I didn't know that my bro had it captured pala until he showed me the pic from his digicam. Whoa!...that's us!...my initial reaction was really "nakakahiya!" Because I really didn't expect that it would be very big as this! I thought It will be just like the Market Market Exhibit whereas all the winners were just placed in one standee. But @ Trinoma, it's different. All the winners are being exhibited individually, each has it's own standee, even the 3 consolation prizes are being displayed in this same size!...Imagine that!...lol! :D I already showed it to hubby & he was really delighted too! If you have time check us out @ Trinoma mall. Oh well, need to check 'em out later too and of course, to claim the prizes as well. :p

the rest of the schowcased portraits

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