Friday, June 13, 2008

It's a "Farm" mommy!

One night, hubby and i were talking about our sudden plans to visit the zoo. Since we're staying at my in-laws, Manila Zoo is the nearest zoo where we can go.

Me: Hey baby, you want to go to the zoo?

Sam: wow! ( as in very delighted, imagening already what she can see inside the zoo!)...let's go mommy!

Me: No, we will go there tomorrow. So you better go to sleep early. Look at daddy he's sleeping na. (just pretending..hehe)

Sam: tomorrow morning?...the cow..and the tiger...and the elephant sleeping na?

Me: Yes sweetie, they are already sleeping. Tomorrow morning, they are going to wait for you so you better go to sleep now...ok?

Sam: ok mommy...( trying to sleep but still making kulit with her dad)

The next morning:
Me: (trying to wake her up to prep her) Sam...wake wake up!

Sam: noooo!...sleep pa! (covering her face with her "nutnot")

Me: remember, we are going to see the animals today.

Sam: (very delighted on what she heard) ...going to see the animals? (with a big smile on her face)

Mommy: Yes baby... get up now.

Sam: suddenly seats up! and said yey!....let's go to the "Farm" na..

Me: later sweetie, we're going to eat first then then take a bath... and it's not a Farm's a Zoo!

Sam: no...Farm...with the different animals (then she suddenly say...iyaiyayo!!!)

I suddenly realized that she's talking about Old MacDonald had a farm song!...she's pertaining to the different animals inside the "Farm"...haha! Oo nga naman, farm nga nman at hindi zoo...di ko agad na gets!! :p

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