Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sam's New Pet!

Sam is going to school already this monday. And her school stuff are not yet complete!Gosh!! Since we're already running out of time, I decided to take a short trip to the mall with my little girl. We headed to National Bookstore to shop for the rest of her school supplies. When we're done, we took our lunch first then we stroll around the mall for a while. Sam always requesting to drop by to Toy Kingdom to check some toys. After checking some toys, she was amazed to see a girl with this animal foil helium filled toy. The girl really enjoys her "pet" playing and running with this balloon type toy within the mall. Though Sam is not the type of kid that "what she wants, she should have", I decided to buy her her own. She was delighted to see that were heading back inside the toy kingdom. Approaching to these foiled animals, her face already filled with this awesome smile! I asked her choose your pet Sam & Mommy will buy it for you. She immediately choose the dalmatian design dog and handed it to me... "I like this mommy!" After paying the purchased dog at the counter, she said.."Thank you mommy!" ...aaaw! It really melts my heart that she appreciate my small gift for her. She already can't get enough of her new pet!. She's really happy playing and even talking with this toy even we're already heading home. I'm happy to see her also for giving her an instant playmate. Just need to maintain the helium inside every 5 days to retain it's shape. Cost P149.95 /Toy Kingdom.

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