Monday, March 31, 2008

Hopeless Romantic Me

I admit it, I'm a hopeless romantic and I really love to watch this kind of romantic comedy movie. Music and Lyrics offers a little something for everyone while, of course, playing up to the women who dominate romantic comedy audiences. I think this was shown early last year. I wasn't able to watch it because I'm not really a fan of Hugh Grant. On the other hand, I'm a Drew Barrymore fan. I really like to watch her movies. Upon watching this movie, I saw that the chemistry works well between Grant and Barrymore and both seem to be having fun with the material. I also liked that they sang themselves instead of lip-synching. That’s what I gather but I can’t really say for sure. Grant really does have a good voice. And for the first time on film we get to watch Hugh Grant dance, sing and play the piano, and surprisingly he does all three fairly well. Just seeing Grant in '80s fashions shaking his butt in a cheesy music video within the film is worth the price of admission.

Music and Lyrics casts Hugh Grant as Alex Fletcher, a has-been pop singer from a Wham!-ish ‘80s group who earns a living cashing in on his former success by singing at amusement parks, tiny concert venues, and the occasional high school reunion. Alex is actually satisfied with his present state of minor fame, but his business manager/friend (Brad Garrett) knows Alex has still got a few notes left to hit in his career before he’s relegated to the land of pop obscurity.

A surprising opportunity emerges for Alex to regain a little of his prior fame when pop tartlet Cora Corman (Haley Bennett as a Britney clone complete with skimpy outfits and erotic dance moves) proclaims her love for his old songs and wants him to come up with a new tune for her current concert tour. The catch – he’s only got a couple of days to write the song. Further complicating his comeback hopes is the fact he writes music, but not lyrics. That huge problem is solved when plant lady Sophie Fisher (Drew Barrymore) throws out a few lines while in the process of watering his plants to death. It seems Sophie wanted to be a writer at one point but was persuaded she didn’t have any talent by her college professor (a real slimebag played by non-slimebag Campbell Scott). Alex needs Sophie to put words to his music and, if they can manage to work together without driving each other crazy. Music and Lyrics benefits from charming performances by the ever-dependable romantic comedy veterans Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. Grant and Barrymore make sweet music together (it’s sappy, but true) in this fluffy, feel-good movie.

Like a catchy pop song you can't stop humming, the sublime romantic melody of Music and Lyrics puts a smile on your face and love in your heart.But overall, Music and Lyrics is pleasant as far as it goes and is sure to please diehard romantic comedy fans. Everyone else should stay away -- unless your date is making you go. BTW, I really like the soundtrack of the movie "Way back Into Love". Though I'm not broken-hearted, I put a sample music player for yout to hear the song. Happy Listening! :p

My movie rate: 5 stars. :p

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Joanne MV said...

Oooohh.. I watched this movie in movie house and in HBO as well.

Really cute indeed!

I like the song as well. Wooohooo! I heart Drew Barrymoore Ü