Monday, March 10, 2008

My Little Bora Babe!

My little girl really enjoyed our recent trip to Boracay. From the airplane ride to boating trip, she really had the energy and never got tired. She's very excited to wear her two piece swim suit when we arrived @ the hotel, very excited to take a dip into the beach. Too bad because the weather was not that fine when we got there. It's really cloudy & a bit rainy in the afternoon. Heavy rain poured overnight. Good thing that the sun strikes and comes out the next day. After having our sumptous breakfast, we immediately changed to our swimming attire & headed to the beach afterwards. Sam really enjoyed the crystal clear water of boracay and had a great time playing in the powdery sand of the beach. I really want to scrap some of her wonderful pic. I'm working with the layout and here's what i've got. More layouts to come. =)

layout - by me
papers and elements- Holy Spirit kit by Digital Creations (Amelia Scrap)
flowers - Bouton De Rose By PetitMoineaux

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Melissa said...

Beautiful layout. I downloaded that same kit and given a thousand years would never have come up with anything that nice! I just stumbled upon digital scrapbooking about a month ago and I'm not that creative to begin with. :) But, gorgeous layout!