Friday, March 14, 2008

Scrappin' Alphabetically - A, B, & C Skip Layouts

I'm really enjoying making different layouts for Sam. Since Digitreats is so generous enough to share her beautiful ABC kits (limited time only, so visit her site oftenly to check & dl her beautiful works). I'm planning and very excited to make different layouts using the said kit. Meaning from letter A to Z! Same goes for the Run & Jump sets. Imagine 26 layouts in 3 different kits! It will be a really huge project for me!..lolz! And I really love doing it! I still have tons of Sams photos to scrap. So here's what I've got for the letters A, B, and C using the skip kits. 23 more to come , just for the Skip only! =)

With regards to my designing skills, I'm still learning & gathering different plugin tools online for my photoshop like brush, texture, custom shapes, patterns, etc. to start and enhance more my designing skills. I already have the PSE (photoshop elements) software but dunno how to start with it..hehe. I'm very used to use kasi my CS2 in designing and still need to explore the PSE. I still have the pending element kit for the Jump by the way. I'm still working on it. Just keep on coming back to my blog to check it. Hope everybody's having a blessed day!

A - your Adorable

B - your so Beautiful

C - your so Cute and full of Charm

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