Monday, March 10, 2008

My Little Sam Got Sick

Sam had fever last thursday until yesterday morning. I already administered her with paracetamol every 4 hours to lower her body temperature that ranges from 38.5 last friday to 39.5 the next day! A few weeks ago before we had our boracay trip, she's already having a flu that unfortunately lead to bronchitis. Good thing her Ninang Pedia was just only a few blocks away from our house. The Dr. prescribed her with antibiotics that she needs to take for one week, and paracetamol every 4 hours for fever. I really got worried because this is the first time that Sam got really sick this serious. The Dr. said that I don't need to worry because she'll get better soon with the antibiotics. I also informed the Dr. that we will be having a trip for the next 2 days. She said it's safe to travel and might be helpful to get her more better, just don't forget to bring her medications. So for our 3/d 2/n bora trip with 3x/day antibiotic, she's on her way to recovery. I even let her swim to the beach inspite of her cough & colds. She didn't got any fever until we arrived back here in Manila last Feb. 29.

It's almost a week since then and she had fully recover. Until this thursday, she had this fever again. She's very playful and eats well, no signs of any discomfort. It's that just she barely sleep at night. I also had these sleepless nights because I'm monitoring her body temp. I gave her a sponge bath with alcohol and even applied cool-gel in her forehead just to lower the temp. The fever subsides with the effect of paracetamol but gets back after a few hours. She has no signs of cough and colds, I began to worry again. The next day, I already informed her Ninang Pedia about her condition because her temp already reached to 39.5. The Dr. said that if her fever will still continue on the 3rd day, Sam need to have a blood test already. Now, I'm really really getting worried because she might already manifesting the signs of Dengue Fever. The desease is really common here in the Phils and with other countries that has a humid weather. Anyone can get the desease from a bite of an infected mosquito and if not treated right away, it could lead to more serious damage and death. I'm really praying that it's not, that Sam is not infected. No other medications was prescribed by the Dr., only paracetamol for the fever. My brother suggested to me that the clinic (Med first, Mega Mall) where he works as a nurse have this test to detect early symptoms of dengue. Without a doubt, I really want Sam to take the test right away. On the 3rd day, Sam's temp is beginning to get back to normal until noon that day. I planned to bring her to the clinic in the afternoon but the fever totally subsides and it continued on the evenening and on the next.

I was totally relieved that she's getting better. I'm still wondering what was the underlying cause of her high fever. She had a slight sign of runny nose after but not to become a significant factor for her to have a high fever. I also checked her teeth for any signs of tooth eruption which is very common on her age, but there's no showing of another tooth yet. I'm thinking that maybe it's another sign of "lagnat-laki" kaya? What do you think my fellow moms? =)

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