Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Earning While Blogging

Blogging seems to be very "in" nowadays. It's very relaxing and a truly great way to release stress. A personal website where people would keep a running account of their personal lives or opinions about everything they wish to discuss. Most such writers called themselves diarists, journalists, or journalers. Some provides commentary or news on a particular subject. Blogs are basically inherently an expression of free speech or proliferating of information, opinions, and ideas.

After quiting my job and decided to become a stay at home mom for my first born, I never knew that being a SAHM is really a tough job. Especially that my hubby is not around to help me to take care of our little one. It's really challenging for me since it's my first time. But in a long run, I was able to adjust and get used to my new responsibilities as a mom. During my tiring and stressful days, my pc is my ever dear best friend. My shock absorber and my stress outlet. I'm a certified photoshop addict and really loves to decorate my girl's pics. And now I'm very hooked to digiscrapping. I started to explore the world wide web during my baby's nap time. I never expected myself to became more active online since I'm just stealing time from my baby. I signed up to different online communities like Friendster, Multiply, Facebook, etc. to meet other mommies like me. It was just late last year I think that I signed up here at blogspot. My daughter is my biggest inspiration why i decided to sign up for a blog. My blog's posts were mostly about sharing my expereinces on motherhood, my family, places I've visited, my hobbies and interests, and products that I like. I enjoy sharing my life of a very proud mommy to everybody.

I just recently found out that we can earn in blogging. I heard about these get paid for blogging sites and read some articles and reviews from the other blogging moms about this paid blog reviews . It's all about advertisers from this site who are willing to pay you for your opinion on various topics. Search through a list of Opportunities, make a blog posting, get your content approved, and get paid. It's that simple. Since I've been writing about web sites, products, services and companies I like and never have yet to benefit from all the sales and traffic I have helped them to generate, why not monetarizing my reviews instead. It's really appealing especially to me, a SAHM who used to work before and really missing the benefit of a regular pay. It will be helpful somehow for me to have an extra income if ever. Even it's not that much, I can help my hubby to pay some bills or do some online shopping for my little girl. So what I did was I signed up for a free account. I didn't expected for a fast approval since i read a lot of comments that you need to wait for at least a couple of weeks to have it approved. I'm just starting to explore the site and studying their toa when they emailed me informing that my blog was already approved! Whoa!...that was fast! It was only barely two days when I sent my applications. Now, i'm still checking what are the opportunites post available for me :)

For those interested bloggers, sign up for a free account now! Why wait...Start earning now!

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