Friday, March 21, 2008

Scrappin' Alphabetically - A, B, & C Run Layouts

Been busy for the past few days, wasn't able to do some layouts for my digiscrap project. Blame it my blogging and bloghopping trip...hehe :) Anyway, here's the layout I did for the ABC Run kits of Digitreats. Again, my inspiration for all of my layouts is who else, my little mini me!...hehe An aspiring model that really loves to pose and smile in front of the camera. :)

Sam really loves to go to different kiddie playrooms, I guess every kid does. Since she doesn't have any siblings yet to play with and she's the only kid in our house, she's really longing for a playmate. So whenever we go out, and if time persists, I let her to enjoy an hour of fun and excitement at any kiddie playrooms she wants. It's an opportunity for her to meet other kids of her age and to improve more her social skills. And most of all she's enjoying the facility of the playroom like the pool of colorful balls, giant loops and slides and more and more toys!...haha! This one was taken at Kidz @ Work located at the 5th level of Megamall. I used the A Run kits here.

This was just another ordinary day for me & Sam when I took this pic. She doesn't want to take her afternoon nap and really begging me for us to go out of the house. Since where both bored and don't have nothing to do, plus my internet connection is temporarily dead....arrgh! we just went out somewhere...somewhere inside the vicinity of our frontyard...hehe :) Got my cam and turned on my mamarazzi mode once again...haha! We both had a great time. :) I used the B Run kits here.

This one was taken at Kevin Toys and Library, another kiddie playroom located at Trinoma. This is a little bit smaller playroom as compared to Kidz at Work which is suited most for infants and toddlers. It has a huge collections of toys, has game room and all sorts of kiddie books. She also had a nice time playing here. :) And lastly, here's the C Run kits .
Credits goes all to Digitreats for all of these wonderful ABC Run kits I've used.

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