Friday, March 28, 2008

At Long Last!

At long last!...i was able to fixed my two column template to three column one ...weeeh!! I've been looking lately for a three column template, but whenever I found a nice one & tried to upload the codes to my edit html tools, it's always giving me an error!...arrgh.Dunno what's keeping it to have an error, I keep on following the correct step on how to install it but to no avail...shhhss!! I've been wanted for a three columns ever since and been trying to look for a pretty nice layout for my blog. I want to fully customize my sidebar and the usual two column template has a limited space for adding additional widgets. And now, I'm pretty impressed with the result. Though, i'm still kinda not contented with color combi...hehe. Still need to figure out on how to adjust my head banner. I'll just post the tutorial here later if you want to try customizing your templates too! :)

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