Monday, March 24, 2008

Excited For Summer

Summer months are the most exciting months for me & Sam. It is one of our most busiest and awaited season of the year. Why? It's my better half's annual vacation once again!...yey! :) Cant' wait to see & to be with him again, and most especially for Sam to see and bond with her daddy once more. I'm very thankful for our advance technology nowadays. Though Sam barely sees her daddy, we can still reached him through Internet. I always ensure to connect with him as much as possible so that Sam will always be familiar with his face. It's really hard to be away with someone you love. And I know that it is much more harder on his part to be away with us, not seeing her little girl's important development and milestones. Web chatting is really the best tool for us and for those other couple that are miles apart. It's truly a great help for us to lessen the sadness and the sorrows we're feeling. And now, he'll be coming home once more. Can't wait for the date to come. See you soon daddy!...Just always remeber that we're always be here waiting for you. Sam & I loves you sooo much!!!

credits goes to Retrodiva Designs for this wonderful QP


Thet said...

yihee.. am excited for you sis! you're gonna be so busy when Mike arrives... :)

Mommy Vangie said...

...that was fast!..haha! oo nga mare eh, It will be a busy month for me and sam again. hey do you have a blog din ba?...mind to x-links? :)