Sunday, March 30, 2008

Smarty Little Girl

I was invited by one of my online buddy and neighbor, mommy Stef yesterday to join them for a lunch in celebration of her daughter's (Keanna) simple graduation party from prep. Keanna was able to make it as the first honor in her class making her mom & dad more prouder. I know that seeing your child's acheivements is really priceless. I suddenly imagined tha what if it's my Sam's turn already to go to school. Does she has the ability to excel too in her class or will be always in the list of those noisiest pupil..hehe, i really hope not. She's only 3 but I'm considering her already to enter the school this coming school year. Oh boy, time really flies so fast. She was just my little baby, then all of a sudden, she'll go schooling na....waaaah! Am I ready or not? I can't imagine that our time of being together will be lessen already.! I'll be missing my little girl a lot. Just thinking of it making me already feel upset. I'm already manifesting the signs of "Separation Anxiety" for parents. Hoping to overcome this transition when the time comes.

eating marshmallows together, a bribe for Sam from Keanna's grandama..hehe

playing together

Sam with Mommy Stef and ate Keanna

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