Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Trinoma Snaps

This was the last time we went to attend a friend's birthday party. After Banky's party , we headed to Trinoma with mommy Stef together with the kids. I need to buy something for Sam and Stef will be having a medical checkup with her OB. We separated at the mall already. Sam saw the carousel at the 3rd floor and immediately requested to have a one round of joyful ride...hehe! She really loves the carousel and since it's still early, i granted her small wish. I forgot that it was Sunday pala because when we got to the 3rd floor, the Timezone was jam-packed with kids of all ages. My goodness... it's family day nga pala. We usually goes out kasi during the weekdeays only to avoid the mall crowd. The ticket booth has a long-line wait but still able to managed to get Sam her carousel ticket. She patiently waited for our turn. She's very happy when it's our turn already..haha! Hays, kaligayahan nga nman ng's super babaw! I'm happy that I made her happy again.

After our horsey ride, I decided to have a small shoot again with my little model. Grabbed the ops because the weather was good plus I have the camera. I seldomly bring it kasi whenever we go out. Good thing that Sam has still some enrgy to pose for mommy...hehe! I just treated her with some pieces of her favorite Krispy Kreme daughnut after. During our way home, she's already knock-down. What a tiring yet fun day again for both of us.

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