Thursday, October 9, 2008

Santa Baby?

Just want to share these cute pics of Sam. Actually, it's just an experimental shots. I was just trying some of my satin curtains to use as backdrop sana then get some shots if it will look ok. All of a sudden, Sam thought that we'll going to have a shoot again. She immediately grab her santa headband...thinking that it's a christmas shoot maybe because of the red backdrop...then stood in front of me...btw, I still don't have the cam that time yet... then mega pose na sya...haha! She's really waiting for me to get the cam because she's really not moving and posing! I don't want naman to spoil her mood and she really looked pretty in her pose kaya I took some shots na din. Too bad because I wasn't able to get a good setting kaya yan..medyo blurry. Just wearing her usual pambahay...i didn't noticed that her pants was baligtad pala! you can see, nakalabas pa yung tag!..ayayay!...hahaha :p

my fave shot


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