Monday, October 27, 2008

Trick or Treat @ Fun Ranch

my little witchy witch

I was able to bring Sam to attend her first ever Trick or Treat experience @ Fun Ranch, Tiendesitas earlier this afternoon. We went there together with mommy Stef along with ate Keanna & ate Jhaz. The place was jam-packed with different kids wearing their cutest, scariest and most unique halloween costumes. There was a program that includes games, raffles and stage performers. And there was also the most awaited best in costume awarding ceremony. Oh well, di ko na kinarir pagsali sa mga contest na ganyan. We went there for Sam to enjoy the day and the treats and not to compete. I was able to meet some online moms and their kiddos too from GT, SP and from our multiply community. Sam really enjoyed the trick or treat part seeing her pumpkin loot started to fill up with different sweets and goodies. She really enjoyed the company of her ates...Keanna & Jhaz...and I'm really thankful to these girls for taking care of her while mommy was busy taking some snaps. And to Stef who was still lacks a lot of sleep but still managed to join us....sleep ka na mare ha?...hehe :p And to those who didn't make it...I'm really really hoping to see you again guys...soon! :p

doing Trick or Treating

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