Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sam's new Tag Reading Book from Leap Frog

From the makers of the LeapPad and the Leapster comes a new reading system called the TAG READING SYSTEM. This nifty new electronic reader is contained inside a pen-like device which children hold over books that have been printed on special dot-matrix paper. By tapping on a page of the book, the Tag can read the whole page, a word, a phrase, or respond to images on the page. The Tag reader is six inches long and uses two AAA batteries to run. It houses a computer processor, a stereo audio system, and a small infrared camera on the end of the device. By quickly photographing the dots on a page, the Tag can determine where it is on the page and then read to your child. The Tag reader can hold the audio content of up to five books at a time, and you can interchange which books are in its memory by connecting to the Internet. The Tag Reading System comes with one book: Ozzie and Mack by Trish Holland, but additional books are available also. It's already available here in the Philippines particularly at Toys R Us. Very cheap only...P2999k for the whole kit!...arrrgh!..lol!

At launch, the Tag Reading System has 16 books, two activity boards, and two card sets that work with the Tag reader. Parents can choose which classic and/or activity storybooks they want to add to their child's library by purchasing them and then connecting the Tag to the Internet to download the audio content for free. Choices include such classics as Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, The Little Engine That Could, Olivia, and other kids' favorites. Leapfrog also offers books featuring popular branded characters including Diego, from Go Diego Go, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Kung Fu Panda, with Jack Black's voice featured in the audio. For Sam, I'm eyeing for the Adventures under the Sea, SpongeBob SquarePants, Olivia, Kung Fu Panda: Po's Tasty Training and Sam most hated of all the books... the Dora goes to School..lol! Here are the rest of the Tag Library. some of them are already available at our local toy store here in the Philippines. I suggest you go to your nearest Toy R Us store to check these books. They cost P999 a piece. Since it's a bit pricey here, I just made "bilin" to my parents from the states to get these books for Sam. I'm just hoping that they have the time to look for it, you know oldies esp to my dad who doesn't have the patience...hehe :p

The Tag Library! Contains 20 books and it's still growing!

Tag is fascinating to hear and see in action. It's simple for kids to hold it like a pen and tap icons, words, or images to make a book come alive with sound and music. By tapping the "Read the Story" icon, the Tag reads the whole book, while indicating when the child should turn the page. Alternatively, the child can tap the "Read the Page" icon or a specific word. Your child can even drag the pen over a series of words to have a sentence read. Touching illustrations will also provide a rich audio response.

a sample pic from a very satisfied customer...lol!

But, Tag's greatest feature is that it makes reading fun. With Tag, kids want to touch the words to hear them spoken. The books also contain reading games that focus on vocabulary, phonics, and reading comprehension. And Tag always provides positive feedback so kids feel good about themselves when playing with this electronic reader.

click the image for the demo:

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